Sunday, February 20, 2011

The fall of the working middle class.....

Psycho lady showing how she strangles the working class:
" i strangle anybody  with these hands who refuses to do as i say...the masses should work for slave wages
and any meetings will be squashed!
 it is really sad what is happening to the middle class in the States,,,
we are like lobsters gently placed in warm comfortable waters while the powers that be gradually increase the temperatures until we are boiled into oblivion...the top 1% are controlling most wealth and power in our human pecking order... the difference between us and the very wealthy will continue to increase
as people try to control limited commodities for our survival and way of life

it will finally come to a head when the working class will finally revolt happened in Egypt and is happening in many countries in the middle east and the world... when people say they have had enough
and will no longer be controlled by these corporations and corrupt governments
we will finally say enough!
necessity to survive is the mother of invention
 and our creative ways  will help us survive!

MADISON, Wis. — Sarah Palin says union members protesting Wisconsin Republicans' plan to help balance the state's budget by cutting collective bargaining rights are taking up "the wrong fight at the wrong time."

Palin weighed in on the debate in a Friday night posting on her Facebook page but didn't indicate whether she would join weekend conservative counter-protests organized by groups including the Tea Party Patriots and Americans for Prosperity.
In the posting addressed to "union brothers and sisters," Palin says Wisconsin taxpayers shouldn't be asked to pay for benefits "that are not sustainable." She says "real solidarity means everyone being willing to sacrifice." (umm what sacrifices (??) have u made crazy lady?)

Running along the beach of a brave new world!!
New Republican Gov. Scott Walker insists the concessions he's seeking from public workers are necessary to deal with Wisconsin's projected $3.6 billion budget shortfall and to avoid layoffs.

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