Friday, February 11, 2011

my family is all taking a i thought id show u a more recent pic of Colin enjoying our new family beach tent!!and its not sideways!! i tried to post a little video but was using humongus megabytes!!
pursuit of happiness can be very challenging when my better half gets homesick...
but colin is telling us very coherently how much he enjoys himself everyday...
as he runs down the dunes...its so wonderful to have my puter working!!
these devious cyberbullies make these viruses ever more time consuming and expensive to fix!!
i was missing chatting to you when i look out across the ocean from what some call SurfersParadise!!
happy that the cyclones and floods missed us..
the neighbors downstairs are all gone so we can play out on our communal backyard adjacent to the 40-50 meters of dune vegetation!!
without fear of bullying from a very territorial surfer
who feels the yard and beach is his!!

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