Friday, December 17, 2010

Thanks for the insightful comment, Markus M... I have a feeling I might have met u or someone with that spelling of the name..I also had a student in one of my classes with a name called Markos...

"It's time for you to wake up.
I have woken up far away from the greed of the Republicons and the Demoncrats who have had to buy into the corporate greed of the Repubs in order to survive.. Look at Poor Obama now forced to
let the rich one percent continue to get richer while the deficit expands!
This isn't about Republicans or Democrats. It's not a right wing issue or a left wing issue. They are both guilty and it's silly to keep pointing out who did what the worst. This is about GREEDY men doing what greedy men do best. They take and then take some more, and more. Corruption is rampant in politics and in business.

I agree in most respects, except that the country would not be in the sad shape that is in right now... Gore would not have started a war in revenge for his father's mistake and knowing that the war is to profit even greedier oil companies... who would love to put us one fruit closer to the banana republic that it's heading to...where the oil companies or large corporations own the land...

Greed and politics used to only be an uncomfortable joke back in the day. Today, the greed and power grabbing is in your face and it's on both sides. We vote them in (doesn't matter what party)

we didnt vote George in..he stole the election and there is no disagreeing that Gore had won more votes
in the popular vote because of this corrupt electoral college..folks in Oz would nt tolerate an idiot like Bush in other countries...especially here in Oz where the corporations dont always own the media..and ironically its an Aussie(Rupert Murdoch) who controls the right wing media (Fox news)
and they spend, spend, spend and they take, take, take. It's on us to pay the tab.

yep and we continue to spend needlessly on wars to profit the military industrial complex and the greedy contractors who have taken bribes to do business there..

Wake up, my friend. Mankind (at large) is greedy. It doesn't matter whose politics you subscribe to.

yep, mankind has always been greedy but some that do think about their children and the sad world that they could live in.. if we decide to hold these bastards accountable instead of repeating the same mistakes of the past, we can make a better world!~

thanks for the nice comment, my friend... have I met u before?

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