Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My family is back in Oz!

 it begins much earlier in the morning with my son waking up at 5 and just letting him run loose before he wakes us completely up by 6 or sometimes 7... I swim with the lifeguards early Wed. morning while my son watches and plays briefly with Stu
 giving my mate a chance to sleep in or she gives me a chance...and afterwards I reward my love with freshly ground coffee ...coaxing my wife downstairs trying to get her to have a little sunshine to brighten her day...Colin is more afraid of the water this time...but gradually he gains confidence when he sees other children out on the beach and swimming...

as I grow older, I see how a good life can be like finding the right rip current  that finds it's the way through the overwhelming waves...I take that rip out past those challenging waves
and then I swim over to where the waves are with me and you take that winning wave home!!

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