Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Prince of Mermaid Beach

 It's a Brave New World my young son has entered...ummm let's see... what will his world be like when he is my age and perhaps he has children and maybe continues on our family history in Oz??
Will he be bringing up his family on this precious beach where the overpopulating population wants to escape to??
He has this wonderful spot to inherit or...God only knows the future?
It is a scary future with all the Wiki leaks finally exposing our corrupt leaders who have been getting away with shafting the people for their own profit... will the govt. be watching all of us carefully as they have been watching Julian  Assange,
the Aussie bloke who is turning over the real history of the world??

I had written a whole bunch more revealing information and it was lost into cyberspace!
today was a beautiful day!

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