Monday, December 13, 2010

"squirrel smoking marijuana" and "sexy witch" comes up frequently when folks do searches...along with sharks, Nimbin and hippy culture
bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

why do people make such a big deal about a weed?

so many things to tell u about and so little time before I go for my swim in the surf again...
tomorrow is the big 55!! (is that like the new 35??)..
wanna get up early before 6 , make the freshly ground italian coffee and a little bite for me and Colin

and we are off..., to swim with the lifeguards for their workout and sprint past the large waves when we all take the rip out...
so many ideas that Id like to visit with you about if I could squeeze more hours into the day..
one thought is how we often feel overwhelmed about things and then if we have a good sleep, all your thoughts can be put into a more manageable perspective the next day!!

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