Monday, December 27, 2010


Aldous Huxley was a visionary when he wrote  1984.. the rich and powerful are taking over the world and most of us have no clue for what we could be in store for...I hope my son will be ready for this naturally unstable earth where life exists and clings on to this little planet...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

summer solstice and full moon eclipsed over our paradise!

other than being the most gorgeous evening and an irate neighbor who asked me to leave our front yard, ive had a swonderful few days with my family...
{amazing how a bloke renting can push around someone who actually owns part of the land..}
what a great to run off my belly!
full moon after the summer solstice...magical evenings this lucky evening

Sunday, December 19, 2010

today was another happy Sunday morning handicap race... we did 3 races around 400 meters in the very mild surf (which favors the strong swimmers)...holding back a little but knowing that I've reached another level, able to stay ahead of some of the stronger swimmers and knowing when I don't let the others know what kind of final leg I have when I catch that winning wave!!
Next sunday will be a fun day for Boxing day when I can go all out without fear of increased handicap... perhaps some will then see my strength if they don't already..
yeh,mate! Im a fair dinkum Aussie!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thanks for the insightful comment, Markus M... I have a feeling I might have met u or someone with that spelling of the name..I also had a student in one of my classes with a name called Markos...

"It's time for you to wake up.
I have woken up far away from the greed of the Republicons and the Demoncrats who have had to buy into the corporate greed of the Repubs in order to survive.. Look at Poor Obama now forced to
let the rich one percent continue to get richer while the deficit expands!
This isn't about Republicans or Democrats. It's not a right wing issue or a left wing issue. They are both guilty and it's silly to keep pointing out who did what the worst. This is about GREEDY men doing what greedy men do best. They take and then take some more, and more. Corruption is rampant in politics and in business.

I agree in most respects, except that the country would not be in the sad shape that is in right now... Gore would not have started a war in revenge for his father's mistake and knowing that the war is to profit even greedier oil companies... who would love to put us one fruit closer to the banana republic that it's heading to...where the oil companies or large corporations own the land...

Greed and politics used to only be an uncomfortable joke back in the day. Today, the greed and power grabbing is in your face and it's on both sides. We vote them in (doesn't matter what party)

we didnt vote George in..he stole the election and there is no disagreeing that Gore had won more votes
in the popular vote because of this corrupt electoral college..folks in Oz would nt tolerate an idiot like Bush in other countries...especially here in Oz where the corporations dont always own the media..and ironically its an Aussie(Rupert Murdoch) who controls the right wing media (Fox news)
and they spend, spend, spend and they take, take, take. It's on us to pay the tab.

yep and we continue to spend needlessly on wars to profit the military industrial complex and the greedy contractors who have taken bribes to do business there..

Wake up, my friend. Mankind (at large) is greedy. It doesn't matter whose politics you subscribe to.

yep, mankind has always been greedy but some that do think about their children and the sad world that they could live in.. if we decide to hold these bastards accountable instead of repeating the same mistakes of the past, we can make a better world!~

thanks for the nice comment, my friend... have I met u before?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Darth Cheney of the evil empire escapes justice for the right amount ! a bribe for a bribe...isnt that what republicons are about??

It is so sad what has happened to our country , that we voted for crooked criminals that are only after more money in their own pocket..."u can fool some of the people some of the time and some (right wing rednecks and Fox News lovers) of the ignorant americans all of the time, but cant fool all the people all of the time" except in this sad country that I still love...
hey nigerians! why dont u take a bribe from Halliburton again....and leave me alone ok??
these criminals that our country voted for are laughing their way to the banks!!

 Former Vice President Dick (Darth) Cheney, who has been charged with bribery by Nigeria's anti-corruption agency, may avoid the charges if Halliburton instead pays a hefty fine, reports Reuters. Nigeria is considering a deal in which the energy company would pay $250 million in lieu of prosecution.

Femi Babafemi, a spokesman for the anti-corruption agency, said that the sum would include $130 million frozen in Switzerland, with the rest paid in fines, reports Reuters.

In order for the deal to move forward, it must be approved by Nigeria's government. Global Post reported earlier that both sides were considering a plea bargain, with estimates originally running as high as $500 million. Without the deal, Cheney and other executives could face "sentences of three years in a Nigerian prison if convicted of the charges in the 16-count indictment."

The charges stem from an alleged bribery case concerning up to $180 million paid in bribes to Nigerian officials. According to the AP, Halliburton allegedly paid the bribes to win $6 billion worth of contracts in the oil producing West African nation. Cheney was CEO of the company during the time of the alleged bribery.
                                                         KBR, a former subsidiary of Halliburton, resolved its own Nigerian bribery charges by paying a fine. The AP reports:

The Halliburton case involves its former subsidiary KBR, a major engineering and construction services firm based in Houston. In February 2009, KBR Inc. pleaded guilty in U.S. federal court to authorizing and paying bribes from 1995 to 2004 for the plant contracts in Nigeria.
KBR, which split from Halliburton in 2007, agreed to pay more than $400 million in fines in the plea deal.
Cheney's lawyer has said there is no reason for the charges. According to CNN:

Cheney's atttorney has said that there is no reason to suspect that his clint is guilty.

it's so sad that our corrupt right wing controlled media doesnt even mention this...
what happened to investigative journalism??
did it die out with watergate when republican crooks just got smarter...and didnt dick cheney work for Nixon??

Monday, December 13, 2010

"squirrel smoking marijuana" and "sexy witch" comes up frequently when folks do searches...along with sharks, Nimbin and hippy culture
bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

why do people make such a big deal about a weed?

so many things to tell u about and so little time before I go for my swim in the surf again...
tomorrow is the big 55!! (is that like the new 35??)..
wanna get up early before 6 , make the freshly ground italian coffee and a little bite for me and Colin

and we are off..., to swim with the lifeguards for their workout and sprint past the large waves when we all take the rip out...
so many ideas that Id like to visit with you about if I could squeeze more hours into the day..
one thought is how we often feel overwhelmed about things and then if we have a good sleep, all your thoughts can be put into a more manageable perspective the next day!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

What dad wants his son to go to war when it's really about oil??

so wonderful being a father!

when you buy petrol(gasoline) think of the lives that were lost so you could consume it!!

 Richard Holbrooke is dead. The diplomat was 69. (from Huffpo)
 WASHINGTON — Richard Holbrooke, a brilliant and feisty U.S. diplomat who wrote part of the Pentagon Papers, was the architect of the 1995 Bosnia peace plan and served as President Barack Obama's special envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan, died Monday, the State Department said. He was 69.

Calling Holbrooke "a true giant of American foreign policy," Obama paid homage to the veteran diplomat as "a truly unique figure who will be remembered for his tireless diplomacy, love of country, and pursuit of peace." Holbrooke deserves credit for much of the progress in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the president said.

Holbrooke, whose forceful style earned him nicknames such as "The Bulldozer" and "Raging Bull," was admitted to the hospital on Friday after becoming ill at the State Department. The former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. had surgery Saturday to repair a tear in his aorta, the body's principal artery.

The Washington Post reports that Holbrooke's last words came just before the 21-hour operation:

As Holbrooke was sedated for surgery, his final words were to his Pakistani surgeon, family members said: "You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan."

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Holbrooke one of America's "fiercest champions and most dedicated public servants."

"Richard Holbrooke served the country he loved for nearly half a century, representing the United States in far-flung war zones and high-level peace talks, always with distinctive brilliance and unmatched determination," Clinton said.

Holbrooke served under every Democratic president from John F. Kennedy to Obama in a lengthy career that began with a foreign service posting in Vietnam in 1962 after graduating from Brown University, and included time as a member of the U.S. delegation to the Paris Peace Talks on Vietnam.

On Capitol Hill, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry, D-Mass., called the loss of Holbrooke "almost incomprehensible," adding that his "tough-as-nails, never-quit diplomacy" saved tens of thousands of lives. Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, who will chair the House Foreign Affairs Committee next year, called Holbrooke "a dynamic force in American diplomacy" whose "stellar service is deeply appreciated and held in the highest esteem."

Holbrooke's sizable ego, tenacity and willingness to push hard for diplomatic results won him both admiration and animosity.

"If Richard calls you and asks you for something, just say yes," former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger once said. "If you say no, you'll eventually get to yes, but the journey will be very painful."

He learned to become extremely informed about whatever country he was in, push for an exit strategy and look for ways to get those who live in a country to take increasing responsibility for their own security.

"He's a bulldog for the globe," Tim Wirth, president of the United Nations Foundation, once said.
The bearish Holbrooke said he has no qualms about "negotiating with people who do immoral things."

"If you can prevent the deaths of people still alive, you're not doing a disservice to those already killed by trying to do so," he said in 1999.

Born in New York City on April 24, 1941, Richard Charles Albert Holbrooke had an interest in public service from his early years. He was good friends in high school with a son of Dean Rusk and he grew close to the family of the man who would become a secretary of state for presidents Kennedy and Johnson.

Holbrooke was a young provincial representative for the U.S. Agency for International Development in South Vietnam and then an aide to two U.S. ambassadors in Saigon. At the Johnson White House, he wrote one volume of the Pentagon Papers, an internal government study of U.S. involvement in Vietnam that was completed in 1967.

The study, leaked in 1971 by a former Defense Department aide, had many damaging revelations, including a memo that stated the reason for fighting in Vietnam was based far more on preserving U.S. prestige than preventing communism or helping the Vietnamese.

After stints in and out of government – including as Peace Corps director in Morocco, editing positions at Foreign Policy and Newsweek magazines and adviser to Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign – Holbrooke became assistant secretary of state for Asian affairs from 1977-81. He then shifted back to private life – and the financial world, at Lehman Brothers.

A lifelong Democrat, he returned to public service when Bill Clinton took the White House in 1993. Holbrooke was U.S. ambassador to Germany from 1993 to 1994 and then assistant secretary of state for European affairs.

One of his signature achievements was brokering the Dayton Peace Accords that ended the war in Bosnia. He detailed the experience of negotiating the deal at an Air Force base near the Ohio city in his 1998 memoir, "To End a War."

James Dobbins, former U.S. envoy to Afghanistan who worked closely with Holbrooke early in their careers, called him a brilliant diplomat and said his success at the Dayton peace talks "was the turning point in the Clinton administration's foreign policy."

Holbrooke's efforts surrounding Dayton would later lead to controversy when wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic told a war crimes tribunal in 2009 that Holbrooke had promised him immunity in return for leaving politics. Holbrooke denied the claim.

Holbrooke left the State Department in 1996 to take a Wall Street job with Credit Suisse First Boston, but was never far from the international diplomatic fray, serving as a private citizen as a special envoy to Cyprus and then the Balkans.

In 1998, he negotiated an agreement with Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to withdraw Yugoslav forces from Kosovo where they were accused of conducting an ethnic cleansing campaign and allow international observers into the province.

"I make no apologies for negotiating with Milosevic and even worse people, provided one doesn't lose one's point of view," he said later.

When the deal fell apart, Holbrooke went to Belgrade to deliver the final ultimatum to Milosevic to leave Kosovo or face NATO airstrikes, which ultimately rained down on the capital.

"This isn't fun," he said of his Kosovo experience. "This isn't bridge or tennis. This is tough slogging."
Holbrooke returned to public service in 1999, when he became U.S. ambassador to the United Nations after a lengthy confirmation battle, stalled at first by ethics investigations into his business dealings and then unrelated Republican objections.

At the U.N., Holbrooke tried to broker peace in wartorn African nations. He led efforts to help refugees and fight AIDS in Africa. He also confronted U.N. anger over unpaid U.S. dues to the world body and persuaded 188 countries to overhaul the United Nations' financing and reduce U.S. payments.

"What's the point of being in the government if you don't try to make things better, which means trying to change things," Holbrooke told The Associated Press in a 2001 interview, reflecting on his time at the United Nations.

Holbrooke, with his long-standing ties to Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, was a strong supporter of her 2008 bid for the White House. He had been considered a favorite to become secretary of state if she had won. When she dropped out, he began reaching out to the campaign of Obama.

Reflecting on his role as Obama's special envoy, Holbrooke wrote in The Washington Post in March 2008 that "the conflict in Afghanistan will be far more costly and much, much longer than Americans realize. This war, already in its seventh year, will eventually become the longest in American history, surpassing even Vietnam."

Holbrooke's relationship with Afghan President Hamid Karzai was strained after their heated meeting in 2009 over the fraud-tainted Afghan presidential election. Karzai brushed it off, saying he had "no problem at all with Mr. Holbrooke." But the U.S. military commanders in Afghanistan, not Holbrooke, were the ones who ended up developed the closest relations with the mercurial Afghan leader. The State Department said Sunday that Karzai and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari were among those calling to wish Holbrooke well.

Holbrooke rejected direct comparisons between Afghanistan and Vietnam, but acknowledged similarities and repeatedly pressed the administration to do more to win the hearts and minds of both the Afghan and Pakistani people.

He was fully engaged in that effort until his unexpected death.
A torn aorta – the condition that cost Holbrooke's life – is a rip in the inner wall of the body's largest artery. The result is serious internal bleeding, a loss of normal blood flow and possible complications in organs affected by the resulting lack of blood, according to medical experts. Without surgery it generally leads to rapid death.

"True to form, Richard was a fighter to the end," said Clinton. "His doctors marveled at his strength and his willpower, but to his friends, that was just Richard being Richard."

Holbrooke is survived by his wife, author Kati Marton, and two sons from an earlier marriage, David Holbrooke and Anthony Holbrooke.


My little family making it to this little place far far a magical kingdom...could be a happy family...

all going out early before the sun gets too high to build a sand castle and waiting for the high tide to take all we accomplished away...

Hey Daddy, how about getting me those wheels??

are we waiting for the Tsunami, or the continents to subduct under the ocean...
this little area  could easily be washed away with a 10 meter tidal wave...
so learn to enjoy every moment in the now thankful that we shared life with all the other organisms, past and present...for what ends?? survive and go on ...and breath the oxygen and swim again in the water...

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Prince of Mermaid Beach

 It's a Brave New World my young son has entered...ummm let's see... what will his world be like when he is my age and perhaps he has children and maybe continues on our family history in Oz??
Will he be bringing up his family on this precious beach where the overpopulating population wants to escape to??
He has this wonderful spot to inherit or...God only knows the future?
It is a scary future with all the Wiki leaks finally exposing our corrupt leaders who have been getting away with shafting the people for their own profit... will the govt. be watching all of us carefully as they have been watching Julian  Assange,
the Aussie bloke who is turning over the real history of the world??

I had written a whole bunch more revealing information and it was lost into cyberspace!
today was a beautiful day!

My family is back in Oz!

 it begins much earlier in the morning with my son waking up at 5 and just letting him run loose before he wakes us completely up by 6 or sometimes 7... I swim with the lifeguards early Wed. morning while my son watches and plays briefly with Stu
 giving my mate a chance to sleep in or she gives me a chance...and afterwards I reward my love with freshly ground coffee ...coaxing my wife downstairs trying to get her to have a little sunshine to brighten her day...Colin is more afraid of the water this time...but gradually he gains confidence when he sees other children out on the beach and swimming...

as I grow older, I see how a good life can be like finding the right rip current  that finds it's the way through the overwhelming waves...I take that rip out past those challenging waves
and then I swim over to where the waves are with me and you take that winning wave home!!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

When will we put these neocon crooks that fucked our country in jail and let the world know how they fucked us?

(excuse the French)

from Huffpo:
Nigerian authorities will charge former Vice President Dick Cheney over a bribery scandal that is alleged to involve Halliburton, BusinessWeek reports. An arrest warrant "will be issued and transmitted through Interpol," said Godwin Obla, the prosecuting counsel at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Nigeria.

The charges center on an alleged $180 million bribery payment used to secure a $6 billion liquefied natural gas contract. Prosecutors are also looking into international companies Saipem and Technip. Cheney was the CEO of Halliburton from 1995 to 2000, before becoming George W. Bush's running mate. "As the CEO of Halliburton, he has the responsibility for acts that occurred during that period," Obla told the AFP.

Nigeria arrested 12 employees of Halliburton earlier in the week, reports Reuters. The firm's offices in Nigeria were raided by anti-corruption police, although the company said that the detentions "had no legal basis and that its employees had since been freed."

Nigeria's Guardian newspaper reported that charges against Cheney were confirmed by the government and included "criminal conspiracy."

Cheney's lawyer, Terrence O'Donnell, responded to the charges with the following statement:
This matter involves the activities of an international four-company joint venture (which included KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton) well over a decade ago. The Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission investigated that joint venture extensively and found no suggestion of any impropriety by Dick Cheney in his role as CEO of Halliburton. Any suggestion of misconduct on his part, made now, years later, is entirely baseless.

and so of course the fact that Bush and his cohorts have been making money for their families for decades is baseless??
who owns Fox News??

Saturday, December 04, 2010

it was great competing with my tribe/team in the Brunswick head carnival! I came in second in the over 50 swim race...there were a lot of swimmers but only one other in my age group!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Blessed or lucky??

I've been thinking how fortunate I have been ...but it was making the right decisions...but then luck could be going my way for a change or maybe we could be blessed???..
the emotional roller coaster of life..who would have ever thought that I would ever be a daddy except these wild ideas within my own heart???
there are things we cant explain..
and I tell my wife if God is behind all that is happening, then that is great!!
and say Hallelujah!
I said a prayer to the heavens for help that lonely night in Arkansas...and my friend Steve soon after if he could what u could an angel in human form sent to help you...
God only knows...having a son is beyond my wildest imagination...
to hear him say Hi Daddy every morning now me the warmest feelings...
and if there is a God, I want to thank him/her/it...

I was worried about passing the proficiency for my bronze and it went so well this evening with my chosen tribe of oz... we all want to feel part of different tribes..and it's nice to finally click with others who love the same wonderful entity...
the ocean!