Friday, November 12, 2010

umm,  u talking to me? U want me to put on my shirt??
 up at 555 after laying in bed for the last 20 minutes not sure if he's sleeping or just wondering about early am carpe dieming!  so it's up with the water boiling on the stovet for his am ritual of  2 liters coffee and 2 bits of delicious herrb from his visit to hippytopia... that lifestyle could still be within his dreams
... a couple months in the hinterlands of this large ancient caldera
Mt. Warning , the center of this fertile most inviting valley  perhaps , a trade for a couple of months of beach bumitis??....

and he could make friends among his potentially future tribe expanded into his international 420 club!!

"but most of all believe in urself...within u lies all the magic, hope, love and dreams of tomorrow!" Ron Christian

so it always happens..when u expect some bloke to make a comment they do...
some blokes like to use every chance to get up on the pissing contest..all my luck and the instuctor for my bronze shows up in the middle of the morning to fill in and he of course tells me to put on my shirt when I went to rinse off my sunglasses in the surf...amazing...even at the best of clubs!!

i open this book each morning to the page the book shows me... life can be wonderful especially  when u are looking at this gorgeous ocean!

wow...just did a little volunteer lifeguarding with the Mermaid Surf life saving club!! what a gorgeous fun day!!

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