Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is  he becoming a beach hermit/recluse trying to keep a low profile in this little beach community??
where does he  want to go  without feeling guilty(?)
 that he's not already carpe diem ing a gorgeous beautiful day
 to explore
and yet tied in by my guilt... that he should be with his family and what are they doing in this beautiful avo that makes beach bums like myself just take the day off!

right now
desiring to express my thoughts out there to my friends who will listen...
of course there is something missing
and right now it's whether to bike over to the oasis shopping center
or go for a swim in that gorgeous blue ocean!!
with my favorite light blue tropical shirt...

I just went for a swim and put some photos of the recent past... I want to thank again some of my very good friends for all their support..
Im waiting for the half time of my stepson's football game , so I can talk to my son on skyp...
amazing how much better I feel after a strong swim and surfing some great waves in the blue ocean!! during almost hight tide!!
and then I come back and open this little book "always follow your dreams" to a page after a prayer
and soak it all in today!!

it's 7pm... and if i wonder if i took a nap, if I might have a second wind...this bloody o button gets on my nerves...I wonder how all my friends and family are doing?? it's 3 am in the okie zone and would be well asleep...i think... so Im still in the other time zone.. I need a nap..

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