Thursday, November 04, 2010

I need to make a habit of coming out to the Oasis shopping center for free costs so much for my own internet connections ... $50 for only 4 gigs.. Ive already almost used 1 gig and it's only 4 days!
skype uses the most so I need to get in the habit of seeing them on skype! so especially when Im uploading videos or looking at the utubes of John Stewart I can do it here without any worry!
it's really great aclimitizing myself and getting back to Oz time... it is such a nice holiday but I feel so guilty and sad that Im not with my son.. I'm just praying that my wife will have the confidence to come with our Colin when she is ready!
um...ok...which eye should I focus on..
Id be scared to see this bloke anywhere near my son!
when blokes in power have that far away drinking koolaid look, stay away from them!

on another note:
Repubthug leader in the senate...yeah the bloke who always has the deer in the headlights look is threatening our half white/black president with everything in his power to depose our democratically elected leader (how many votes did the neocons steal in the last administration's reign??)
even Faux News couldnt help them... weve had enough of corruption...and now fox has turned it around so they think they can say that americans have voted him out!~ never before have I seen such a group vendetta(?) against an american president!!
will the real mitch bitch please shut up??

im getting ready for a swim...just got my health care here in oz and pleasantly surprised that I will hardly have to pay anything compared to the high cost of very poor short term insurance family in the states and its half the price!...the bug eyed bloke above wants to keep the same poor health care controlled by the greedy insurance folks with millions arent worried, since asshole republicons in the senate have the best coverage in the country!!   why doesnt the tea party protest these assholes in govt's insurance??

we are dramatically losing our freedoms in favor of the rich and corporations as we lose any democracy we once had...its amazing how this has all happened in less than a decade and from the dominance of the new Republican govt and media machines!

It hasn't gotten a lot of press, but a case involving AT&T that goes before the U.S. Supreme Court next week has sweeping ramifications for potentially millions of consumers.

If a majority of the nine justices vote the telecom giant's way, any business that issues a contract to customers -- such as for credit cards, cellphones or cable TV -- would be able to prevent them from joining class-action lawsuits.

This would take away in such cases arguably the most powerful legal tool available to the little guy, particularly in cases involving relatively small amounts of money. Class-action suits allow plaintiffs to band together in seeking compensation or redress, thus giving substantially more heft to their claims.

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