Saturday, November 13, 2010

G, put ur shirt on!!

where in life do u meet blokes who love pissing contests???
suppose you are a fast swimmer ...
suppose you are tall..
if you're in the ocean
or in a pub...
it's a carnivorous world out there..
so if your good at something... like swimming...\
OK! I put my shirt on !
if they are a shitty swimmer or just to prove to everyone else that they are superior in lifesaving intellect
they will look for some way to show it to the others that might be in their pecking order that they are superior to you!
so im thinkin', Ive just had my long hard swim with others all watching ,,,
a couple laps around buoys way past the last breaks of the surf,
nobody will say anything if I go to rinse the sand off my sunglasses..
then I get distracted chatting with the lifeguards on the way back to the tent where my large yellow lifeguard shirt is...
maybe only for 30 seconds...
when I hear my name mentioned a few times to interupt my palava with the nice lifeguards
G, shirt???
and the little bald middle aged instructor pulls on his shirt... as if I need visual cue as to what I am supposed to wear while on duty...
amazingly enough, he shows up in the middle of the morning after relieving his son, to enter his little pissing contest on the way up through the surf lifesaving heirarchy...
hopefully, I wont have to be in any more of his classes or I get the same down the beach,,,
never have I had to put up with so much from a little man when working for free!

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