Monday, November 29, 2010

could u imagine waking up to this before 5 every other am??
Thank you LA and Steve and Roland for your wonderful help and support for this up and down period..
my family is finally safely here... they are recovering from jet lag while I write to you and tell about this wonderful first day... everyone that I want to be here ... and I wonder if Im lucky or just being there for the right decisions to help our family live in this wonderful blessed environment...
and then on the beach, we all meet Jesus (hesus)... as he comes by to smile at our prince of Mermaid Beach!!
I will download some of my favorite pics of this wonderful day sooon..
the water was the calmest since we arrived and then holding my family when we wake up...
and my honey and child arriving at the airport and we both are crying...
she really loves me...
and know how I have always been here for her and out little family..
Colin couldnt resist the beach and playing in every hole....

is this the image you might have of heaven??

as we all played in the sand..
what a wonderful blessed day!!
who would've thought??
even my closest friends were wondering (Im sure)

especially during the bleakest moments when I couldnt even chat with my son on the phone..
are we in Oz yet? Come on Mommy!

best strawberry flavored milk...only in Oz along with vegemite!!

give this Oz baby a kiss!

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