Saturday, November 06, 2010

look  mate! he's catchin' the winning wave!

came 15th in the surf handicap swim race... held back a little in case they add a little time to my handicap..I llike the new director of the race since he calmly explained the system on how they did the races!  The Coolangatta Gold is going on now so I'll be back outside soon!
YEH, just maybe, you all could be watching our little family catch the winning wave on this little community where we all love the same thing!
being close to the sea!!

and at least we can enjoy  this utopia (??)before the repub thugs start WW#3~!

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia -- A leading U.S. senator on defense issues says any military strike on Iran to stop its nuclear program must also strive to take out Iran's military capability.

onward Christian soldiers!
Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who sits on the Armed Services Committee and the Homeland Security Committee, said Saturday the U.S. should consider sinking the Iranian navy, destroying its air force and delivering a decisive blow to the Revolutionary Guard.

He says they should neuter the regime, destroy its ability to fight back and hope Iranians will take a chance to take back their government.

His remarks stunned many in the audience at the Halifax International Security forum.

Graham told the audience that newly elected conservatives would back "bold" action against Iran, reports Agence France Presse:

If President Barack Obama "decides to be tough with Iran beyond sanctions, I think he is going to feel a lot of Republican support for the idea that we cannot let Iran develop a nuclear weapon," he told the Halifax International Security Forum.

The last thing America wants is another military conflict, but the last thing the world needs is a nuclear-armed Iran... Containment is off the table."

The Obama administration, through top military officials, has made it clear that all options are on the table..."

how can a closet gay be a chicken hawk?? is it to prove to everybody that he's not a poof?? how many closet poofs are ardent repubs in their desire to head their poofiness??
it will be a very sad day if the neconservative take over and start attacking more countries, yet in the same breath complain about government spending?? umm dont our taxes pay for wars??

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