Monday, November 15, 2010

I miss u Daddy, very much!

yeh, tried to contact my family on skype from Pacific Fair with the poor free wifi from Mcd's..
fu nny how I hypocritically visit this little store and have their icecream when they represent everything I despise about america's throw away society , ecologically sloblike in it's disgusting carbon sludge drinking environment...while we continue to destroy the earth...dont get me started ... ive written many essays and if by some sweet chance, I can get paid for these essays/ideas, I will go into more depth about these topics... for the world that my Colin will inherity..
\but I have an icecream and an ocassional cheap cheeseburger...but very rarely...
then my honey tells me how Colin said he missed me in the ways he suddenly surprises us with remarkably good diction..
so maybe , if we keep praying(a hopeful agnostic way)

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