Monday, November 29, 2010

could u imagine waking up to this before 5 every other am??
Thank you LA and Steve and Roland for your wonderful help and support for this up and down period..
my family is finally safely here... they are recovering from jet lag while I write to you and tell about this wonderful first day... everyone that I want to be here ... and I wonder if Im lucky or just being there for the right decisions to help our family live in this wonderful blessed environment...
and then on the beach, we all meet Jesus (hesus)... as he comes by to smile at our prince of Mermaid Beach!!
I will download some of my favorite pics of this wonderful day sooon..
the water was the calmest since we arrived and then holding my family when we wake up...
and my honey and child arriving at the airport and we both are crying...
she really loves me...
and know how I have always been here for her and out little family..
Colin couldnt resist the beach and playing in every hole....

is this the image you might have of heaven??

as we all played in the sand..
what a wonderful blessed day!!
who would've thought??
even my closest friends were wondering (Im sure)

especially during the bleakest moments when I couldnt even chat with my son on the phone..
are we in Oz yet? Come on Mommy!

best strawberry flavored milk...only in Oz along with vegemite!!

give this Oz baby a kiss!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

so excited about seeing my family tomorrow after we've been through so much.. well be frollicking in the sea with 12 hours!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy that Im in Byron Bay but sad that Im not able to chat with my family on skype

Thursday, November 18, 2010

wow!! the power of prayer!!...even works for hopeful agnostics...

I was crying yesterday with my friend , Brian...sad about our family and how hard it was for my honey to come over ... and sad thinking they weren't coming over for a long while...
and now, Lord willing...they will be over just as I wished for me to meet them all in Brisbane...

Im all choked up about it... and so excited that she'll get to meet my neighbors in the wonderful Parthenon and of Mermaid Beach...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I want to go running on the beach!!
I miss u so much , Daddy!
talking with my family on skype here at the free internet of Oasis crying in front of shoppers that pass by,
missing my family so much...
put your shirt on , Daddy!!
Im praying my better half can have enough confidence to take our son to live happily together  in Oz... it could be so easy...
I can call the airlines to help her through the various steps of flying internationally....

before u know it, you could be here and I'll be waiting for you to greet u at Brisbane airport!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

maybe, just maybe, we'll all be together frollicking in the sea's summer mist...
in a land called honeylee...
I miss u Daddy, very much!

yeh, tried to contact my family on skype from Pacific Fair with the poor free wifi from Mcd's..
fu nny how I hypocritically visit this little store and have their icecream when they represent everything I despise about america's throw away society , ecologically sloblike in it's disgusting carbon sludge drinking environment...while we continue to destroy the earth...dont get me started ... ive written many essays and if by some sweet chance, I can get paid for these essays/ideas, I will go into more depth about these topics... for the world that my Colin will inherity..
\but I have an icecream and an ocassional cheap cheeseburger...but very rarely...
then my honey tells me how Colin said he missed me in the ways he suddenly surprises us with remarkably good diction..
so maybe , if we keep praying(a hopeful agnostic way)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hey it's the best place to wake up early with the surf and sunning coming into my Parthenon apartment!
I look out the window and everything is going on~!!
one moment all the surf club is below me with the volunteer lifeguards and then the little nippers training to be more comfortable in the rough surf
or the surf race is getting started less than 100 meters from the Parthenon...
a hop, skip and a jump...
and it's like im in a time machine remembering when I was 9 or just 10 frollicking in the ocean mist!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I enjoyed the surf swim race today and seeing where I stood with all the competition!


i am so happy here but it would be even that more wonderful to share the happiness with my family!

G, put ur shirt on!!

where in life do u meet blokes who love pissing contests???
suppose you are a fast swimmer ...
suppose you are tall..
if you're in the ocean
or in a pub...
it's a carnivorous world out there..
so if your good at something... like swimming...\
OK! I put my shirt on !
if they are a shitty swimmer or just to prove to everyone else that they are superior in lifesaving intellect
they will look for some way to show it to the others that might be in their pecking order that they are superior to you!
so im thinkin', Ive just had my long hard swim with others all watching ,,,
a couple laps around buoys way past the last breaks of the surf,
nobody will say anything if I go to rinse the sand off my sunglasses..
then I get distracted chatting with the lifeguards on the way back to the tent where my large yellow lifeguard shirt is...
maybe only for 30 seconds...
when I hear my name mentioned a few times to interupt my palava with the nice lifeguards
G, shirt???
and the little bald middle aged instructor pulls on his shirt... as if I need visual cue as to what I am supposed to wear while on duty...
amazingly enough, he shows up in the middle of the morning after relieving his son, to enter his little pissing contest on the way up through the surf lifesaving heirarchy...
hopefully, I wont have to be in any more of his classes or I get the same down the beach,,,
never have I had to put up with so much from a little man when working for free!

Friday, November 12, 2010

umm,  u talking to me? U want me to put on my shirt??
 up at 555 after laying in bed for the last 20 minutes not sure if he's sleeping or just wondering about early am carpe dieming!  so it's up with the water boiling on the stovet for his am ritual of  2 liters coffee and 2 bits of delicious herrb from his visit to hippytopia... that lifestyle could still be within his dreams
... a couple months in the hinterlands of this large ancient caldera
Mt. Warning , the center of this fertile most inviting valley  perhaps , a trade for a couple of months of beach bumitis??....

and he could make friends among his potentially future tribe expanded into his international 420 club!!

"but most of all believe in urself...within u lies all the magic, hope, love and dreams of tomorrow!" Ron Christian

so it always happens..when u expect some bloke to make a comment they do...
some blokes like to use every chance to get up on the pissing contest..all my luck and the instuctor for my bronze shows up in the middle of the morning to fill in and he of course tells me to put on my shirt when I went to rinse off my sunglasses in the surf...amazing...even at the best of clubs!!

i open this book each morning to the page the book shows me... life can be wonderful especially  when u are looking at this gorgeous ocean!

wow...just did a little volunteer lifeguarding with the Mermaid Surf life saving club!! what a gorgeous fun day!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is  he becoming a beach hermit/recluse trying to keep a low profile in this little beach community??
where does he  want to go  without feeling guilty(?)
 that he's not already carpe diem ing a gorgeous beautiful day
 to explore
and yet tied in by my guilt... that he should be with his family and what are they doing in this beautiful avo that makes beach bums like myself just take the day off!

right now
desiring to express my thoughts out there to my friends who will listen...
of course there is something missing
and right now it's whether to bike over to the oasis shopping center
or go for a swim in that gorgeous blue ocean!!
with my favorite light blue tropical shirt...

I just went for a swim and put some photos of the recent past... I want to thank again some of my very good friends for all their support..
Im waiting for the half time of my stepson's football game , so I can talk to my son on skyp...
amazing how much better I feel after a strong swim and surfing some great waves in the blue ocean!! during almost hight tide!!
and then I come back and open this little book "always follow your dreams" to a page after a prayer
and soak it all in today!!

it's 7pm... and if i wonder if i took a nap, if I might have a second wind...this bloody o button gets on my nerves...I wonder how all my friends and family are doing?? it's 3 am in the okie zone and would be well asleep...i think... so Im still in the other time zone.. I need a nap..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

umm... wassup.... gorgeous morning waiting for my water to boil to make the second or 3rd liter of freshly ground coffee for Garvald's cafe on the sea!!

body surfing and swimming out past the break for the thrill and the investment of energy to get out past the last break

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

When a geology prof at Cortland state couldnt answer a question about Paleontology to read the book!

" WASHINGTON -- George W. Bush, bursting back onto the public scene a little less than two years after he left Washington in disgrace, has come up with the most self-serving answer yet to some of the most persistent questions about the moral and practical failings of his administration: Buy my book!

Cheney made me do it!
Bush repeatedly deflected follow-up questions from NBC's Matt Lauer in an interview aired on Monday night, suggesting that more satisfying answers could be found by purchasing his new $35 memoir.

Big surprise: They can't.

After Bush acknowledged that he approved the use of waterboarding -- an interrogation tactic nearly universally considered to be one of the archetypyal forms of torture -- Lauer asked: "Would it be OK for a foreign country to waterboard an American citizen?"

bush's response: "It's all I ask is that people read the book. And they can reach the same conclusion. If they'd have made the same decision I made or not."

After Bush insisted that waterboarding is legal, "because the lawyer said it was legal," Lauer remarked: "Tom Kean, who a former Republican co-chair of the 9/11 commission said they got legal opinions they wanted from their own people."

Bush's response: "He obviously doesn't know. I hope Mr. Kean reads the book. That's why I've written the book. He can, they can draw whatever conclusion they want."

But Bush doesn't remotely address Lauer's first question in the book. As for the second, he simply states that "Department of Justice and CIA lawyers conducted a careful legal review. They concluded that the enhanced interrogation program complied with the Constitution an all applicable laws, including those that ban torture."

Bush on Monday night also got a bit testy when Lauer asked about his initial reaction to news of the 9/11 terror attacks -- and how, on that morning in a Florida classroom, he appeared to freeze.

Bush's response: "Yeah, well, I'm not gonna debate the critics as to whether or not I was in shock or not. I wasn't. They can read the book and they can draw their own conclusion."

In the book, Bush's explanation of that morning is strikingly revisionistic and almost laughably implausible. Keep in mind that during those achingly long seven minutes, so dramatically recounted in Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" there was no way to know that further attacks weren't under way. If there was ever a time for a president to leap into action, that was it. But instead he just sat there, as if waiting for someone to tell him what to do. Or, you can believe what he writes in "Decision Points":

My first reaction was outrage. Someone had dared attack America. They were going to pay. Then I looked at the faces of the children in front of me. I thought about the contrast between the brutality of the attackers and the innocence of those children. Millions like them would soon be counting on me to protect them. I was determined not to let them down.
I saw reporters at the back of the room, learning the news on their cell phones and pagers. Instinct kicked in. I knew my reaction would be recorded and beamed throughout the world The nation would be in shock; the president could not be. If I stormed out hastily, it would scare the children and send ripples of panic throughout the country.

And with Bush essentially abrogating responsibility that morning, what happened? Why, vice president Dick Cheney took command from his bunker, of course."

when will folks realize that they could get somebody even dumber than George!!
 "umm where is Russia??"
If I wish hard enough, I'll be on the beach before I know it swimming with Daddy!


umm.. what's ur major?

it was a great avo with a good friend as we took a little road trip to our favorite hippytopian town!

same characters were there and I bought a favorite pipe to take back to my friend,Charles, and then I forgot it at the chess game just outside the hemp embassy with a French Australian host of this little computer cafe

Saturday, November 06, 2010

look  mate! he's catchin' the winning wave!

came 15th in the surf handicap swim race... held back a little in case they add a little time to my handicap..I llike the new director of the race since he calmly explained the system on how they did the races!  The Coolangatta Gold is going on now so I'll be back outside soon!
YEH, just maybe, you all could be watching our little family catch the winning wave on this little community where we all love the same thing!
being close to the sea!!

and at least we can enjoy  this utopia (??)before the repub thugs start WW#3~!

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia -- A leading U.S. senator on defense issues says any military strike on Iran to stop its nuclear program must also strive to take out Iran's military capability.

onward Christian soldiers!
Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who sits on the Armed Services Committee and the Homeland Security Committee, said Saturday the U.S. should consider sinking the Iranian navy, destroying its air force and delivering a decisive blow to the Revolutionary Guard.

He says they should neuter the regime, destroy its ability to fight back and hope Iranians will take a chance to take back their government.

His remarks stunned many in the audience at the Halifax International Security forum.

Graham told the audience that newly elected conservatives would back "bold" action against Iran, reports Agence France Presse:

If President Barack Obama "decides to be tough with Iran beyond sanctions, I think he is going to feel a lot of Republican support for the idea that we cannot let Iran develop a nuclear weapon," he told the Halifax International Security Forum.

The last thing America wants is another military conflict, but the last thing the world needs is a nuclear-armed Iran... Containment is off the table."

The Obama administration, through top military officials, has made it clear that all options are on the table..."

how can a closet gay be a chicken hawk?? is it to prove to everybody that he's not a poof?? how many closet poofs are ardent repubs in their desire to head their poofiness??
it will be a very sad day if the neconservative take over and start attacking more countries, yet in the same breath complain about government spending?? umm dont our taxes pay for wars??