Sunday, October 24, 2010

Igfxpers’ we've conquered the "smart engine" in this puter! how do americans fight this right wing special interest "smart engine"??

word up!! a good day again bonding more with my son before I have to go..

Igfxpers’ (random letters part of this bleeping virus)
October 24, 2010, 10:26 AM

yaYYY hallejulah!! praise the lord and the universal energies...I prayed to have the mental strength to fight this trojan32 smart engine... and we did it... of course from a nice stranger in this pleasant Fairfield retirement and resort community!!
maybe , just maybe, Lord, we'll be back in paradise together??
A wonderful morning watching the Sunday news info and propagandas….

(we dont care what Juan says... we love listening to NPR on the radio!!
right wing faux news is scared  of the facts!)

Npr had a maj0r gaff to help folks understand


faux news loves conflict and the demise of the only news station that isnt controlled by the right wing media!!

we dont understand how we are getting fucked over by the general right wing store (metaphor for the smart engine of the right wing think tank that helps the very powerful at the top of this potential oligarchy(general power controlled by a few)...

i was wondering when we would start using metaphors about this runaway vehicle... that Bush/Rove/neoconservatives started..tbis incredible debt was initiated with this million $/a soldier/year war    ....our grandchildren will be paying for the wars that these greedy oil companies/bush family
wanted.. to profit the rich and rupert murdoch(fox news) controlled wall street...

privatize everything and

all the money goes for these repulicon thugs who want to control our retirement and medicare money!!
i could go on and on...

Mommy tooted!!!
The last wonderful hours with my son before im off to oz!!
Colin’s running back and forth in our living area of this o beautiful Ozark condo as the trees are soon to blossom in the peak of autumn!!

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