Saturday, October 09, 2010

SO I end up forgetting Colin's nappy , when I specifically go back inside the condo for that but then I have the idea of closing the door to the upstairs balcony... so guess what... I have the usual ADD moment...
fortunately, the nice waitress at this little spot has some extra size
its always happens..I think that Im writing some very profound feelings about my son and then its all lost while I try to download a confounded pic... and it' all gone..

I suppose diapers/nappys are one of the top ten biggest issues with my wife and I ...
so dont u think that Im putting the most effort into getting him potty trained so that when my wife comes back and gives me the third degree about why he got the rash, I wont become defensive and worry that she'll never leave him alone to poop again...
so 20/20 hindsight, I should have checked him more often instead of letting him go to sleep when  he was poopy... becaue guess what, he gets a bad rash.. I  put lots of desitin on him but its not enough and too late for the wife not to see it.. oh well... and we get into an arguement and I become defensive and it onlygets worse until I finally get away knowing at least that hell be home when I come back from writing about it on the blog!
Murphy's law...yepo thats me!

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