Monday, October 04, 2010

it's so cool getting back to the reality of bringing up my family in this rural resort retired community where I can rent a condo for only $450 while I sit back, relax  and gather my footing on a sand bank before the rip current of life takes me away again for a wild tumble or ride (better and more fun!)
i'm actually pleasantly surprised about this little fair community with a nice view of these pretty lakes of the Ozark hills........
boy what a tumble the last couple of weekends have been until my better half reached some common sense..
far better for our money to go to our family instead of attorneys..
now even Dadilly wants me to go in halves in some investments where we could stay while hopefully (just visiting!!)
it was really surrealistic seeing all the deer and even an endangered white tailed fox running off back into the bush when I cycled down the very steep hill!!

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