Wednesday, October 06, 2010

there are so many things to write about, but I am so excited about having a new camera that can take such better pics, but it take so long for this blog machine to put it on!!... I'm always curious about my visitors and what they think of my blog/biograpy
quit taking my picture!..
when they happen across my site... im always a little worried/paranoid that somebody will use it for the wrong purpose, but I believe lately that most of the readers out there are friendly (cept the ones that use voodoo)..... and then i thought what about this world govt that crazy lunatics have thought about and been part of a secret society
perhaps the Stone Masons... i was wanting to watch the show, but my honey gets frustrated when Im interested in one of these shows and dont want to miss out on this infor.. I need to really work hard at keeping her happy , so she'll come to Oz lata...and I wont miss out too much on our wonderful son's evolution into boyhood and then manhood!
look at my cup from Mckinley county schools!
it is so cool to have my hands on the handlebars of this roller coaster ride!!

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