Saturday, October 16, 2010

Im waiting for this video (im not even sure what it is since it's a new program to add videos)... I had a chance to play with my son this morning in the beautiful Fairfield Bay resort area... when Im rich, Id love to have this beautiful view of the bay (even though it's man made).. it will be cool this weekend when my good friend, Steve, is coming to visit!!
Im trying to figure out a plan for our family, where I can still go to Oz and have some assurances that my better half and son will come in December , before all the money runs out..
Ive never had more difficulty having happy days since Ive been married,
Im so happy bonding with my son, but it's a daily challenge of dramas with my honey..
I believe that I have unconditional love for her, so that no matter what she has put me through, I will still love her....
so for the next couple weeks, I have to take care of business so that things will be taken care of..
I am entrusting her again with her parents who hold the umbilical cords to my honey
and who dont want to suffer from empty nest syndrome
and want to have all their grandchildren running around...
I need to write more to you  when Im inspired even when I dont have acess to the internet...
type it on my word saver and then transfer when I get the chance like the little pics and movies of our life...
well, I dont think this will ever be published!! so I guess I'll fix lunch and clean up the condo while watching the corporate controlled media and see what lies Fox (faux news) will shove down the minds of the ignorant!

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