Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I did a search for grandparents stealing grandchildren and this is what came up...I have to decide what to do,,, it is a serious situation when my son's grandmother decides she wants to be a full time mommy again having all of her grandchildren in her domain... where she can be the head matriarch,,,
the queen has her son act as a bouncer so Im not permitted to see my son...
my wife complains she feels sick and so she can use that as an excuse to find comfort in the queen's domain...
i guess in so many situations the father has little rights especially in the state of Arkansas!

here is what I found from a search:
"Do grandparents have the right to sue their children for visitation rights with their grandchildren?

Also, if the parents decide they want to move out of state but the grandparents take their child to court to prevent them from leaving and taking the children, what will the court say about this? Will the grandparents be awarded visitation rights? Will a judge hold a family in a state when they want to move just so the grandparents can have visitation rights?"

Answerer 1

It really depends on the state. Some states allow grandparents to sue for visitation if they feel that is in the best interest of the child(ren). However, that visitation is rarely granted. A court will likely dismiss such a claim if the family is simply moving out of the state


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