Wednesday, September 15, 2010

when will MOST people see the real sarah palin and what she is doing to this country??now another repub clone (christine Odonnell) has arrived onto the tea party!..with glasses she looks like sarahs twin! look she even wears the same red power dress
.."unfactual" another palin like blooper... why do all these repubs fuck up so much and the redneck teapartiers lovers  will always love them!
WHEN WILL folks realize that she will do even more damage than Bush did to America...
she has a large influence on white right wing kristians  and it is scary how our rights will be taken away under the guise of kristianity.. I will never how folks who love war can be really Christian.. that was never the image that I had of Jesus when i was young.. I always thought that folks that wanted to really follow in His footsteps would turn the other cheek and would not love violence!

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