Friday, September 10, 2010

Megan McCain was on John Stewart's comedy half hour about politics...
here was senator McCain's feisty attractive pleasantly plump blonde daughter
laughing at every other thing John said
She just wrote a best seller that is autobiographical and a daily diary of her life on the campaign
and her father's challenge of dealing with Palin always center staging him in his 2nd attempt at becoming president...
so my deal is how could I do the same when Im not at the same level of fame as her but
maybe I could come close if my story becomes a screenplay for a movie!!
 a best seller that Muffy mentioned in rare compliment of this story that is just waiting for a happy ending!!\

So I sell my home in Okiehoma (yeh, the one with the witch's curse on it) and perhaps get an earth friendly home that is totally sufficient but somewhere in Oz with a view of a not so busy beach...(but those beaches will be very rare in the near future)

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