Wednesday, September 08, 2010

"Kelsey Grammer, 55, brought pregnant girlfriend Kayte Walsh, 29, to the premiere party for 'The Romantics' Tuesday night.
Grammer, who is currently divorcing wife Camille, and Walsh confirmed the baby news in August.
This will be his fifth child."

ok... I was writing before about Jesus being an immaculate conception or just a child of an unwed mother..and then it was erased by God(?)... perhaps for me talking about something that could be sacreligious??
then I was looking at Huffington Post, and most guys would say "way to go dude!.".
I only have one child but there is considerable age difference but not near as much difference as this older bloke with a 29 year old.. but admit it guys... some of you would envy him or just congratulate him!!
so Ill get off this pot and continue this conversation later after some stuff. (hopefully my daddy in law wont see me even though he loved the extra strong stuff from his older brother, Ted!)

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