Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I decided to have one more visit to Wendy's or at their parking lot so I could chat with with you at least for a few minutes after visiting Okc's notorious Crimson Canine (the Red Dog)'s only natural for men and some Ellen Degenerate leaning women to look at young women dancing in seductive naughty ways..even my father in law told me he how he was having the best time of his life ...(until he became Baptist again and would rationalize that he wasn't perverted enough to enjoy a place of such ill repute!)
I was wondering what would be a good pic for me at the crossroads of Soddom or Gomorah...a heaven like paradise or the aftermath of Armageddon)
my eyes living vicariously through those of a child in the not too distant future looking off at the distance city destroyed by something evil(??) could this be our futrure??

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