Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hello Sweden!! somebody from Gottland was checking out my site and Im always curious as to what reason they might have pulled up my site?? ... right now, Im in the current limbo, wondering where I will go next and where my little family will safely go.. and wonder if some arsonist squirrels will attack my home as soon as I leave.. hopefully, the insurance packet should be in the mail.. I feel like it's Ground Hog Day in Okiehoma, at a limbo , hoping to trust my builder and that he will be keeping me informed of the monthly progress (sending pics at least) of my beautiful home ... rising from like the phoenix from the ashes ...arsonist squirrels(???) ..I wish that the firemarshall checked the car more intently...
and again I will have to just trust that everything will be going well... in the meantime, my account dwindles further..
Im sitting here at Starbucks enjoying the first major rain in a long while covering the drought of the Okie zone...
I thought that this pic of Henry Fonda (in the flic,"Grapes of Wrath") escaping with his family from the ravages of the dust bowl... what are folks escaping from in today's age???
Is there this underlying threat of Armegeddon or just miserable overpopulation with space  to even park  is becoming scarce?? (builders are tearing what was once farmland in the adjoining county a few hundred yards away with brand new homes hoping for a recovery next spring from the GFC (global fucking crisis!)
  and  finding a safe little niche for you and your family away from it all is the hardest challenge !

I guess I will have to wait until next week to get all my shit out of storage..I wonder if indirectly storing all of life's collections in that garage with of course all of that firewood only added  fuel to to this's collection of shit and what to do with it is one of man's  biggest dillemmas...what do we do with our garbage ?? or will it continue to accumulate all over the world and especially in this expanding flotilla of plastic trash in the middle of the ocean (never decomposing but destroying endangered marine life)

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