Saturday, September 18, 2010

I just had to show how war isnt good... and thats the way it is at home...

As Iraq winds down, U.S. Army confronts a broken force

By Nancy A. Youssef
McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — When Lt. Col. Dave Wilson took command of a battalion of the 4th Brigade of the 1st Armored Division, the unit had just returned to Texas from 14 months traveling some of Iraq's most dangerous roads as part of a logistics mission.

What he found, he said, was a unit far more damaged than the single death it had suffered in its two deployments to Iraq.

Nearly 70 soldiers in his 1,163-member battalion had tested positive for drugs: methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana. Others were abusing prescription drugs. Troops were passing around a tape of a female lieutenant having sex with five soldiers from the unit. Seven soldiers in the brigade died from drug overdoses and traffic accidents when they returned to Fort Bliss, near El Paso, after their first deployment.

"The inmates were running the prison," Wilson said.

What Wilson had to deal with, however, was hardly an isolated instance.
With the U.S. drawdown in Iraq, the Army is finally confronting an epidemic of drug abuse and criminal behavior that many commanders acknowledge has been made worse because they'd largely ignored it during nearly a decade of wars on two fronts.

the Army concedes that it faces a mammoth problem.
A 350-page report issued in July after a 15-month investigation into the Army's rising suicide rate found that levels of illegal drug use and criminal activity have reached record highs, while the number of disciplinary actions and

well, all I can say is that I still love my wife and will do anything to make my family work
the ice maiden (momilly) did her job on our little family...
its better than any desperate housewives episode!
this is from a high achieving sarah palin loving woman who will squash anyone in her path...
she succeeded in becoming the mother of my wife's first son
and basically brought him up with very little participation in the rearing and nurturing of the child from the biological parents...
and now they are proceeding to do the same with our son
and take him away from his loving father...
so the mysterious lady  knocked on the door
the matriarch tells G that someone is at the door wanting to talk to me..
I go outside for this fateful moment and see this ugly woman us that medusa stare females can do so well
and asked if I was Garvald
um yeh,,, "well here are divorce papers, Mr. G.
I was thinking that if I had gone cycling, would this lady have been waiting when I rode back the clan's abode??
I knew that I should have taken that dump and gone for the bike ride...
and then maybe the process server wouldnt be around just waiting for a phone call from one of the clan..
it's almost like I was expecting this...that this couldnt happen...
( i was thinking that at least there's no cop involved...until!! the brodilly pulls up on his Kamizazi without a helmet (the 2nd time, dadilly hangs around as a witness, and ice queen calls the police..)
the matriarch tells me to listen to her while brodilly stands behind me like a redneck bouncer in hopeful anticipation of a struggle (this happened so often in their past struggles with other parents not related to the clan)
I go to colin taking his nap and go lay on the bed with my wife
while the cop arrives saying that I need to leave the child with the ice queen
so I do and then she leave everything for me to take to oz on the front door step
a well choreographed plan executed as well as any basketball plan
by the clan...
with my wife and colin a victim of their anger...
the father takes his time
while the whole clan watches
and he gets his mountain bike
knowing that leaving it there,
will be treated as poorly as his dear Buffy was...
they keep his son, colin, behind the doors
seeing how they are making his father go away
will he see him again??
he wonders why they are treating his father this way??

am I part of this human race??

and Dadilly wants to enjoy making a perfect athlete since her first born prefers to live with her father!

have I not understood how cold hearted a woman could ever be until i met her...
I was writing to you all excited that we were coming home to our paradise
and then that reality would not happen..
another of life's dramas just waiting at the next corner to fuck you over!

so we could just escape again to Oz and say fuck it....or
realize your son is everything that you have always wanted
and you will do anything to be the best father and let him have the best choices in life
or live with aging perfectionists who will never be pleased with their children
now they wish to try again with our son, Colin...
so they get my honey to have the best lawyer in town
and try to sue my pants off...

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