Wednesday, August 18, 2010

write now Im watching this stand up comic talk about his writing , stand u[p and creating this movie...
wow...that could be me!!
this homegrown has very little effect having been harvested way too green instead of at least waiting for the fall equinox..
still enough to have a little epiphany and I took half a dex earlier in case I had to get packed for the road trip...
its only 1030 and colin has come join me on the couch while the rest of the family is in bed and I have a little alone time with my son that I know and u blokes out there in cyberspace!
it's been a good day and my better half has been so nice !!
but her younger brother hates because he claims that I drink his beer and left a noose on his doorstep (like it meant some omen)_it's really weird how some folks think the worst of me..oi veh! what a mensch!

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