Monday, August 23, 2010

well, it's moonday and I was fortunate enough to not meet any emotional vampires at the blues saloon last night.. I forgot about the blues band on sunday evenings out in their big yard when herbalizing with new friends is condoned..ohwell, I might have got kicked out again for my flirtatios behavior
it's there where I met Larry the "sole" sucker...and thought that this bloke was doin the same thing I was several years ago a year after 911 before I got kicked out by high testosteroned bartenders....
most of the old staff was there including the head of security who actually had escorted me out several times including the time I came disguised as Jesus during Halloween !! (phew.. I thought it was all erased..) while I sit here at wendy's wondering about heading back to the arkie zone since my inlaws are gone..
daddy and bruder in law are heading for a bike (the petrol free kind) trip to Colorado!
listening to a song about yesterday's gone and the new day will be better...
let's hope!! I have Mom's hand knit sweater as good luck...
the builder came by and already mowed the lawn and took out the Forbidden Formosa tree which keeps sprouting up from almmost underneath the an uninvited guest that keeps showing his/her errant amazonian rainbow swallow dropped off some seed which planted this tropical looks beautiful but it's a pest and the builder says it will mess with the plumbing and foundation..(good investment was the foundation blokes who give a lifetime warrantee and boosting up the building!)

as usual I have so many things to do..and

id rather write to you on my blog!!

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