Thursday, August 26, 2010

so another day goes by as we approach the Arkansas autumn...leaves are falling like crazy in my father in laws beautiful backyard.. it's cool enough for us to open the windows and sit outside while our son plays on his trike!!..we live vicariously through his enjoyment of everything new.. he helps Mommy sweep the leaves from the very large patio.. there is something wonderful about space without the negative vibes of overpopulating humans anxious for their own little bit of space... In Oz, for right now, that is the only negative... negative vibes from a few select neighbors who don't like you blocking their views of the beach when I bring our Colin downstairs...

I have a lot of work still to do in this country and I cant find the number for the Australian consulate that helps with visas.. the worst case scenario is that I get a 3 month visa and then have to take a short trip to vanuatu or someplace exotic to extend our visas or see if we can do it over there so that I can compete in the Aussie nationals...Have I been keeping in shape?? (no, my knee has been hurting so that is my excuse not to get on the bike while the dad and brother in law enjoy their bike trip to colorado..I guess bro I.L. doesnt like me so instead it's a much more relaxed place to visit with the others all back to school..and the horrendous heat from global warming has finally let up!! I have to make lists and read more of "Driven to Distraction" with my wife on how we can do things to have a succesful ADD relationship!!

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