Saturday, August 21, 2010

phew I got on!! I was afraid that I wouldnt be able to talk to you!!
so this is the way you could see it??

"Selling the house EQUALS escaping the Okie Zone.
( duhhh!)

You will never be able to write your book until you cut this cord.

The nation's next best seller would begin with putting the house on the MLA.
its going on MLS in spring time if some redneck squirrels dont burn it down again!...yes I have insurance! this time... dont give me anymore shit about that!

Taking the reader back to 1980 during OK's brief oil boom, when you stole the couer d'Alene...
(hey, that is really good m!)

and forward through the last decade of your not even being there, ALL OF IT, and end with the closing of the sale , leaving the reader wondering, what's next? What now?

The Great Adventures of Garvald continues!!

ORRRRRR, keep throwing money into the pit including this new SHED to store STUFF you should've gotten rid of years ago, and NEVER truly escape the Okie Zone. "
(I am very flattered about your comment until the end!!..and Im bummed out that my very eloquent reply was lost in cyberspace...lost like money lost to my builder but still improving the economy in this great state of Okiedom due tothe wonderful theory of trickle down Reaganomics!! more Mexican families will benefit from my financial disaster and maybe be eventually to own my place when I provide them financing when nobody else will!! Hope this doesnt sound ethnic or that I could evolve from a not for profit charity landlord to be a slum lord and never leave the okie zone because Im offering a lease purchase to a needy family ...having to wait 15 years before Im finally paid off!

Our Okie Family Getting Ready to Hit the Road:Circa 1948

wow... I just realized another coincidence...IHOP connects from Wewoka!! I taught there 2 years and fell under a spell...

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