Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ok... the desire to be the travelling warrior verses the father who knows how important it is to be with my explore new worlds or to spend time with my son,,,,
the chance to be the best surf swim warrior that I can be and be a father...

I have to look through my archives of photos of time that has accelerated the last

2 years flew by...time is of the essence...
like Scrooge did when visited by the 3 ghosts...
and then just being on the verge of greatness at least in my own mind...
yeh getting that feeling that I can be in that zone..
our little family can get their step by step!
but it is very easy to be lazy when I have had a very strong taste of laziness..
guilt overwhelms me sometime and so I often
escape those thoughts as I seek a life of hedonism and good health for both me and my little that something that I should feel guilty about or fuck the folks that are jealous??
with maybe sometimes a little too much herb or beer but that's often the time when we can enjoy life more at least the aussies know... sinful pleasure!

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