Saturday, August 07, 2010 was really cemented home how add has affected my relationships and it's the same reason for both us having so much difficulty...
but then Colin is focused..
kinda like Forrest Gump's son
if we understand it, realize we are not alone
and follow a plan for a solution...
it will be our pursuit of happiness!!
I was feeling down and then I thought for my honey Ill look marriage wreck
and guess what I found??
"Adhd can wreck a relationship"
so well get the book and follow it
Better than any marriage counselor!

ADHD is an attention disorder that can usually be controlled by improving the connections between synaptic receptors in the brain that process information. In adult ADHD, the chemical balances that regulate such transmissions is disrupted, and thus the connections, causing loss of the ability to focus, remain committed to activities, or to generally stay motivated. Small doses of prescription medication has shown to improve the connection in the synaptic chain, allowing better processing of information and hormone responses that control these brain-behavioral functions. today, I took half a dexamphetamine and went ahead and finally got the Arkansas drivers license by passing the test, calling New Mexico to pay them a 100$ reinstatement fee... and then just overcoming the negativity and worry that I would pass!!
ADHD is often diagnosed in adults as they are no longer in the educational system, and the inability to remain on task or keep thoughts in focus is not paid attention to in the same manner. While the child in school might get a referral to the school medical clinic for testing, the adult is usually offered no more than the threat of lost employment or discriminatory behavior as they are seen as lazy or unintelligent.

This same stigma is also a contributing factor in adults not seeking medical treatment for adult ADHD, especially amongst men. The need to seek medical treatment for ADHD is urgent as well as extremely beneficial for the adult who exhibits ADHD symptoms. The difference that proper diagnosis and treatment of ADHD can make in an adults life can be dramatic. Even small imbalances in hormone levels and chemical reactions can have profound effects on the mind and body. Sometimes the mental clarity and ability to focus can be greatly benefitted by better diet and medication without the need for any further medical intervention, though some sort of psychological counseling is usually recommended to deal with the emotional changes that can sometimes come with coping with ADHD or as side effects of medication.

Far from being something to be ashamed of, getting treatment for your adult ADHD can be the best thing that you can do to for your own health and the health of your family. Like other mental and physical health issues, the patient is usually one in a host of people affected, and ADHD is no different.

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