Wednesday, August 11, 2010

kinda semi content with my boredom,
having more confidence that well be back in Oz in a little more than a month, where I can cavort on the backyard as a beach/husband ...married to the sea..
(uh oh.. gotta get those visas started and take care of the business,)

so I get myself into more messes...
but step by step, I should be happy

This week, we met this nice minister who gives me a totally different image of the hypocritical holy rollers of the past..he's actually helping us and we dont have to pay 80$/hour ...
(the internet said only 25% of counselors actually help marriages!)
I could stress or just relax

while I enjoy my times with little family

and savor each moment like a good wine
serendipitously, I was watching this documentary about John Lennon and how he was happy as a father.. I hope some redneck doesnt shoot me like they did John... better go enjoy the beach just in case!

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