Monday, August 16, 2010

ive noticed after herbalizing sometimes, I lose my inhibitions to say somethings...and i realize that I am going to screw up what Im gonna say, which makes me even a little more paranoid!!
in the meantime, i feel so overwhelmed with all the shit that I have to do in the next month so maybe I ought to write a list...
and then feel better about myself and our relationship
maybe even visit my new friend at church who's helping us give insight on what helps a marriage!
1. do something sweet for my wife and child each morning!
2. do something fun with the family (ie go to Fairfield Bay for swimming!) colin can swim so well with his floaties!!)
3. get at least a 6 month visa
4. make sure I dont owe queenland land tax!
5. do US taxes!
6. get my puter fixed after I get this malware that maliciously got inside the puter...what an expensive mistake!!
7. figure out a way to deal with all the major fuck ups in my life and at least be philosophical and learn because life is too fucking short!

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  1. I can help you with your computer probelm. It's an easy fix. Can you call me on Tuesday around lunch time?