Wednesday, August 04, 2010

i've finally got a chance to write to you in more depth... about the road trip or I may give out to much... that's the thing about this blog.. sometimes , I just wanta let it all out, like "True Confessions" and tell you about the most depressing things to hopefully more of the most wonderful things that truly elate me...(and then I chicken out worried about who my eventual readers will be??)
I was finally able to see Buffy the Wonder Dog, under the wonderful home of LA and her family...the joy of seeing Buffy able to play again and be happy to see me...
I thought of bringing her back to the foothills of the Ozarks and as usual get in trouble with her neighbors and then taking her to see Charles... but the worry of her not coming back when she's supposed to (she took off when I visited LA but then when I went inside my infinity she wanted to join me and get her body squeezed into the little area of the back of car. I wanted to go with her just then but then I did not want LA and her kids to be sad when she wasn't there... the whole family has really fallen in love with them and she's so at home there)
oh well the ac bloke is here for the inlaws house so I gotta go...
maybe not!!... a few more moments of peace before the inlaws get back. Popaw (colin affectionately calls him) is getting tooth taken care of so it's really peaceful... and it's kinda nice having kinda coool moments before the onlaught of this avo's sun (avo=afternoon in Oz)..
and kinda enjoy the momentary time to relax before the welcome is over with again??
and repeat another lap??... this time into the m0untains with the wonder dog?? will the Infinity take it? gotta take her to a mechanic for a full check up!! I hope it's not the other set of tie rods??

but it's been a really peaceful morning without the rugrats running around! (only my rugrat)which of course , gives me chance to reflect...I noticed that Ive gained already 5 lbs ... even on a road trip where I dont have late night feedings!... I have to make sure to really work out hard this morning after I play with my favorite litte boy!
well it feels like the AC is working and I'll be looking forward to visiting my newly fixed home with insurance! (it's a long deserved birthday present after the trauma of the last tenants burning it down!) No more not for profit charity homes! I don't like to think of the agravations that I went through and I don't want to head into anymore...

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