Monday, August 09, 2010

it's another beautiful morning in the foothills of the Ozarks!!...when your better half is happy, suddenly you believe there is go outside for some herbalized fresh air and are inspired to go back outside and suck it all in before the temp reaches 90 to a 100...
and forget about all your again , after seeing the excerpt about the peaceful warrior(oxymoron?), I wanted to cut , paste and dissect it in regards to my own life..

"Welcoming Your Inner Warrior:
Sit before your altar, and light the purple candle. Focus on the flame, and visualize the fiery passion of the warrior soul.

yep, that's the way I feel when I feel when I look at the morning surf and I can't wait to get out and immerse myself in that beautiful gorgeous cool blue Pacific saltwater!!

Think about the things you've done in your life, incidents in which you should have taken one path, but instead chose another. Consider mistakes you've made, and how they've affected not only you, but other people.

of course, I have affected others so deeply both good and bad..., the butterfly effect of my actions affects everyone and causes little ripples that could go on to create negative or positive tsunamis..(like discovering your Parthenon and rediscovering it almost half a century later as Rip Vanbeachbum and all the other people that "discovered" that little spot of beach between dudley and ocean streets)

Think about the consequences of these actions. Did you learn anything from these events?

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