Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is this a great State or What??

Why do I keep making jokes about squirrels wanting to stay warm in the middle of an Okie winter???
If I came back to this after being in Oz, some folks might be happy to see me suicidal...
but then it's not plane crashed into it and no body had to jump out of the building...
no terrorists...
only squirrels trying to survive...

How do you stay

happy?? by looking at disaster and triumph and be still able to keep your sense of humor!!

so I thought that I would play that song again that Ms. Barnstormer sent !!

Im still sitting here at Ihop and any left overs of resin are into their half lives and I approach reality... and I realize that I survived...yes, it's been a big mistake but eventually even retards learn with enough trial and errors!!

uh oh, some drunk redneck is looking at me AND I MADE THE MISTAKE OF MAKING EYE CONTACT...the bloke is as fat as his gf is skinny but she is embarrassed that he was about ready to make a scene..... it's becoming a dangerous country even here in the Okie Zone!!

while this video does a fat ass get such a hot gf?? only in Okiehoma where chicken fried steak at the IHop rules!!

thank the universal energies we can live at the beach thousands of miles away from here!!

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