Sunday, August 08, 2010

I wanted to put a few words in here while I sit here broken hearted
tried to poop and only farted...just kidding..
it is a nice cool little place where Im not disturbed too much!
so Ill put it in the daily Om for Saturday..
about convictions!

August 7, 2010
Conviction with Grace
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
You may doubt your abilities when it comes to discussing ideas or trying to negotiate a compromise in business or in a personal relationship today. If so, feelings of inadequacy may be standing as a block to your progress.

Perhaps you find yourself stopping short of fully disclosing your thoughts or feelings to another person. Maybe you are worried that what you have to say doesn’t carry enough weight. It may help you to believe in the strength of your own convictions today.

You could consider reflecting on what you wish to communicate. If you can come to a complete and honest understanding of your ideas or your position, you may find yourself better equipped to share you thoughts with others.

This is what I believe is probably the most important to our family's well being.. we are so blessed with Colin and yet the hardest challenge is for others to understand my postion/?dream .. of bringing up a little family on the beach... where eventually my ideas will be shared with others who want similar dreams ..

When we are clear about the power of our convictions, we can express ourselves and our ideas with dignity and self-assurance
The sum of our knowledge and life experiences is the foundation for our beliefs and the choices we make.

so many disasters have come and gone in my life...all I know is that I keep getting back up in the morning and just try harder...and evolve into the person that I will be happy with..the hardest challenge is to do it sometimes without the support of my wife who I need so badly in this endeavor..

The positions we take and the ideas we have as a result of this are valid, important, and worth communicating. When we recognize this truth, our conviction springs forth and carries with it our well-spoken feelings and ideas. Put the power of your convictions behind the thoughts you express today, and you will communicate with grace and confidence.

I look into the way Colin hugs my leg and then brings Mommy's leg over to min and we are all hugging...I know that i have helped her but it has been such a challenge to help her understand how hard I have worked on helping her.. I sometimes have the confidence that she will eventually come over to our side...she wants so much for Colin to do well...

I am excited everytime, I see Colin grow...and see new daily discoveries of the way things work and the way he reacts to them!
ps: this is my son and me very tired in the New Zealand airport!

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