Monday, August 30, 2010

I havent decided what to write to you while back in the Okie's cool visiting on the phone with my friend, Matt (who is helping me in this whole traumatic squirrels up shit creek trying to stay warm in the misery of Okie winters)...Im back at wendy's and decided just to have a 99cent double stack as an appetizer before I head for the Chinaman's buffet...
I went into this chinese fast food place in okiecity and caucasians were serving me...when will it be the planet of the apes (metaphor) and all our roles are reversed when the Asians buy up all of our restaurants, motels and convenience stores for gas along life's highways??
this day flew by and all I wanted to do was take a picture of it and decide if it's ok to stay at my own place...
spending half of Daddy's money on this boondoggle in this great state or what??
more like great state of getting raped by a nickel and dime government that only takes money everytime you want to park or take a shit..
they want a $200.00 buildiing permit to build a fucking storage shed!!
now Im off to the Chinese buffet on council for the MOngolian grill..what life for a lonely middle aged man seeking a little happiness back in the OKie Zone!

I will have to come back to wendy's for a thick and frosty and co

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