Saturday, August 14, 2010

I guess I have to take some more road trips...

my puter went on the blink by a virus that really hard sells you on this anti virus program, so you cant get to anything on the net unless you buy their high priced download..

and they will invade your privacy even more..

so like a long lost gf, u miss her more when you cant see her or at least talk to her..
the virus was named security suite,,maybe LA or steve could help me??

I remember my good friend steve mac helped me before with cleaning out the other laptop... he was a good friend of the poor principal who passed away...
u think of all the lives he helped and "it's a wonderful life" with Jimmy Stewart.. and then I think of where I might be when it's time to head for the light and meet Jesus, God, the universal energies...
or nothing
I hope that it's at least a few decades away when I have to meet my maker that the holy rollers talk about or the cool people in my life that really made a difference in my journey(??)
so I can have more time to write, enjoy life and vicariously through the talents, perseverance, loyalty and love of my next conciousness, who will go on after I am like Luke's Obi wan Kenobi (but more of a peaceful Jedi warrior than Obi!!)

and hopefully not run out of money for at least a few years!!

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