Sunday, August 08, 2010

How can I be a peaceful warrior?

I felt like my last post sounded a little negative.. I love my brother but I am still a little angry and it was my choice to stay on the beach... sad that I had to pay him off when real estate on the beach and most places was the highest... so I want to include an excerpt and I have talked previously about being the peaceful warrior... (from the prosperity blog)
"Welcoming Your Inner Warrior:
Sit before your altar, and light the purple candle. Focus on the flame, and visualize the fiery passion of the warrior soul. Think about the things you've done in your life, incidents in which you should have taken one path, but instead chose another. Consider mistakes you've made, and how they've affected not only you, but other people. Think about the consequences of these actions. Did you learn anything from these events?
i KNOW that I have made so many mistakesand very poor choices in my life..I have had to pay for them dearly but hopefully I will finally learn and not make the same mistakes..
Take this knowledge of past action, and move it into the present. As a warrior, you have followed a particular path to get to the present, one with many roadblocks, twists, and obstacles in the way. How has this helped to shape the person you are now? Think about the person you have become, and how you have grown during the different experiences you've had.
knowing that life is so short, you obviously know that the beach is my dream and for our Colin to continue this dream ...
Now, think about the person you wish to be, and how the past and present will influence the future. Understand that for you to follow a principle of right action, there may be times when you make decisions that are unpopular. Are you willing to stand up for your convictions? Are you willing to live in a manner that will earn you the respect and honor of others? To do this, you must first and foremost honor and respect yourself. One way to live rightly and with honor is to make a pledge, both to yourself and to the gods of your tradition. "
just maybe it can happen!!