Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coeur d'Alene was the last search where my site comes up!
do you realize that name means "heart of Alene"?? we visited the site that summer with no worries and responsibilities to look after!
maybe somebody did a search for it and my long lost love, Alene, shows up since I still talk about this wonderful lady who was devoted to me and passed away... of course, I took her for granted!

but the coincidences of this place showing up unexpectedly makes me wanna believe that her spirit is still around...
I "believe" or feel that spirit more than I believe that Jesus walked on water or turned water into wine (it would be cool if during his second coming He turned dandelions into weed,,,but isnt dandelion a weed..u know what i mean ;)
and then talk about coincidences, my dad in law competed in the "Coer d'Alene" triathalon and I think won it!... and then I married his daughter!! is that another one of the bizarre coincidences that could be a sign from above???

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