Monday, July 19, 2010's potty time for father and son now...while I type a little bit... I think I'll try to get Colin potty trained so we can save about 1000$ in nappies per YeaR!!

he's gifted! (kinda like Forest Gump's son)he is totally aware of when he is going poopoo or peepee ...and the vocabulary to prove it...

I thought that I would show another heavenly picture of our backyard where we often have brekkie!

nice thing about being on the beach is we can just let him run naked and then wash him off in the sea but when it's a little warmer in OZ!... that's ofcourse a lot less pollution than the shit coming up from deep beneath the sea that will be totally destroying the Gulf for next couple of generations! I'm very sorry our son has to deal the greedy results of our civilization! i have a feeling that the world will only get more crowded and dirtier in our son's lifetime...even our beloved Mermaid Beach has graffitti!

Mommy is anxious for me to wash him off in the tub now that he's all poopy after eating a late brekkie or early brekkie in Oz time... I guess the sun is about to rise on the Gold Coast and so our day is starting here!

I need to figure out how to change the dates on this's obviously not january 2008...although it would be fun to go back in time to where we had no worries as parents...
but then I was still slugging away as a teacher dealing with a young overactive peace corp nut that was scheming away to get my little room and key... while scheming with the help of the principal, he took away room during the winter break.... don't get me started... that's all behind me but it just helps me learn not to trust people in their schemes for power and control...
I thought about this bloke in my past who wanted to look like Jesus and probably thought he was following Jesus ... kinda like the way Mel Gibson was wanting to emulate him until he punched his wife in the mouth...It's kind of ironic that he's gone downhill after making the movie about our savior!! (sorry if I sound a little blasphemic, but there have been only problems since much of the world wanted to follow him, and many of these folks will vote for Sarah Palin in 2012!)

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