Monday, July 05, 2010

Ive gotta take care of business...worries about the transition to the realities of the declining american empire...

prograsstinated way too long about scheduling our flights! Instead of taking care of business, back subconciously, I dont want to face the realities off all my failures and bad luck of my life...

and many here even that actually work must really envy(?)/despise our easy but often boring lifestyle...How would our day go??:

It's a hidden subconcious major effort to walk downstairs when I have to worry about all the poop that our little darling left us to clean up...usually he wakes up before us or when I wake up , he wakes up to hear me making coffee and cleaning up the ever dirty, cluttered kitchen...trying to put on my togs before he wakes so I can sneak out and feel the calm cool waves on the sunny morning...(each morning is different than the rest... a daily beautiful vista each beckoning our little family) but the reality that I will have to face worries...the question is how can I do it with the least amount of our pursuit of our living utopia(?)

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