Friday, July 23, 2010

I suppose often the best time after getting down about the situation is after a good sleep and cuddle with your loved ones... just knowing that they still love you...

it's a quiet day in the dog days of summer (and speaking of dogs, it would b wonderful visit Buffy at her new home, and maybe even take her for a road trip to visit her Aussie brother(they are both blonde) I need to get help from LA about all the pics from the archives that don't show up!

I already miss getting up with the coffee in the early morning to catch the beautiful sun's rays and swim in the cool pacific (I suppose it will reach 100 here in Redneckville..

well, before we know it we'll be heading back there so I need to get off my ass and get shit done after taking my morning(avo) ritual of a big dump and doing a little writing

Maybe I'll show you another pic of the beautiful surf in my backyard!

I think it's the laziness and lack of drive to get things done but I have the reluctance to do the

stimulant pills for my ADD , wanting to know that I can do these things that are important without them!

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