Friday, July 02, 2010

"Darn man you got it... It seems to me that you're getting the door of happiness. If see it from my Venezuelan perspective, in my culture we say: As you start thinking of being a good husband and being a good dad then is when you realize that your life is about to reach the coasts of that hidden island called "Happiness".

What kind of hue comes close the gold of our Mermaid Beach! I was visiting with my friend, Eleazar , briefly in time...along it's ever accelerating river of time....catch the wave as long as you can, Grasshopper!!...

Now I know you're a good guy and you're smart, just don't (loose) the way.. I've learned that marriage is just a combination of pure patience and love.. one can't success without the other ... patience to stand and defuse situations that could lead you to confrontations (with you wife...mainly) and love to keep going and going again one day at the time. But not all is rain and wind in a relation there are also moments of joy and the smart guy live and treasure those moments because that's at the end the only think you take "when you leave". Happiness is like diamonds to trade in the HAPPY...ENJOY YOUR WIFE AND ABSOLUTELY ENJOY YOUR're right kids are a bless.. by my friend I miss the conversations in the office

Thanks alot, mate! I was sorry that I missed your call the other week! I wonder if you are still in Utopachi?? I miss those folks and I often think of the dream the Navaho/Hopi lady had of me and my child .... with Colin coming from behind the tree! She was a teacher assistant in some of my special ed classes and told me she had this dream with no idea that my wife was pregnant and married!
was this vision of us coming back to the Rez??

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  1. Still Friday here. I can sense that winter is coming upon you. You become morose. We are celebrating our Independence this weekend. Weatherwise, it's the most gorgeous week we've had but it can never compare to where you are, even on your worst day. But you know that.