Monday, July 19, 2010

we are finally getting over jet lag! but its way past midnight and colin is still wide awake looking at these family pics and videos..
Its only 3 in the afternoon in oz, so our gifted son is wide awake learning all the alphabet and riding his brand new trike all over the kitchen and living room
.of course colin has a cold from these darn ac units... but he's a trooper!
Of course I already miss the surf so here's one of the last gorgeous morning before my morning swim...hopefully I wont fat again so im having to exercise several hours a day!

Stu thinks I have the qualifications to rescue some blokes in distress like when a dad and his daughter were caught in the rip a couple of days ago.. I guess that was the day we left...they had to be taken to the hospital but fortunately , a passerby was able to help them before professional help came by!

"About 2 pm down near Seashell Tower (unmanned) a man and his grand daughter got into trouble in those strong rips that were running. Fortunately 2 male passerbys helped them in before Nick and another lifeguard arrived. They were both taken to hospital. "

so maybe when I come back I'll have a spare rescue tube for when I see folks in distress!

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