Sunday, July 11, 2010

7 or 8 habits of a highly effective beach bum father...

I have often been thinking of Steven Covey's habits of highly effective people...something that at this point in my life is out of my reach or concious desire to be that disciplined in my life... is it scary??

and I look out the window and I see a shooting star over my backyard ocean

what could be a better sign???

I was debating about trying to do a cut and paste of Covey's 7 habits and then I thought how the motivator for many of his readers is money...I will continue more on this theme perhaps in another country ... when I have to get shit done in the world of reality and miss our little family parking space on the beach!

so here are some good habits for a dad living with his family on the beach:

1. go outside and walk to the beach maybe with a towel and bath robe to deal with hypothermia when you come out..

2. Maybe remember to bring coffee to gather the motivation to swim in 20 degree water...

3. bring my son down with a plastic bag and wash his butt in the sea or the warm water warmed up in the hose on our yard

4. go get the pot of porridge mixed with one part boiled Pacific water and feed my son while the sun warms us up..

5. then let my son play in the yard and on the beach...

6. patiently wait for Mommy to come down and have a late brekkie with the family

7. go for a swim before the sun sets and watch the colors of the beach and the ocean perhaps with a few beers at 420 with your mates...maybe over a game of chess

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