Saturday, July 31, 2010

okay okie... checked out the blues saloon and it was dead, it's more just to sit outside the free network of the ihop...(ive donated to them already today and anymore of that kinda food would affect my baywatch figure!!)... so Ill check out what other international travellers of puff might say tonight.. it fulls like summer is full on while the AC is momentarily turned off in my trusty infiniti...
wondering how will we feel when the sun comes shining back into my old okie castle early in the am..!
will the wanderlust take hold of G??
it's sinful visiting my old haunts...
especially the RED DOG!
buying table dances for daddy in law!
does that help my marriage??

Back to the Okie Zone!

well, finally back to check out my home in the okie zone before I check out the Bipolar Blues Saloon!
gotta do a lot of things but I still worry about these bastard squirrels,,,
2 dead squirrels in the attic...
and the fire marshall said it was suspicious...
Im happy the toilets work !

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I guess it's time for a road trip...My stepson is playing Bball in the Okie Zone so Ill go watch them and maybe take care of business... so I took a little of the dex ( to help me focus and pack..u know what it's like for me to pack up for a road trip!) I will miss Colin even for just a few days...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

somebody did a search for Jesus and lifeguard and they pulled up my site

Happiness is...
I just spent 8 hrs with my grandson, Lennon. It's an existential experience I find myself happy just floating in, because I have the time and perspective I didn't have with my kids. Seeing my daughter happily married and enjoying motherhood, not struggling the way I've had to is a big part of that. She keeps a nice house and firm schedule and he thrives in it. What makes me happy these days is different than what it used to be. Why do you ask, Professor ?

WOW... happiness... is very's so good when you have it and Im so happy you and for your daughter! I guess when you are younger everything seems easier and more romantic.. my happiness is spending time with
Colin and now I have to share him with all the relative inlaws and I feel like an outlaw.. I cant watch the news except very late at night or even then my wife continues to ask me to turn it down.. nobody likes the news here...I never thought it would be so much torture living with the inlaws and begging my wife to come back to the gorgeous beach!
at least holding colin when he is finally asleep is happiness and the rest of the family won't bug until mom in law walks into the living room at 4am, I have some privacy without rugrats running up and down the hallways!...but Im losing control when Im the outlaw with the whole extended family... any happiness was lost over the Pacific in the john to the eventual states of disarray!

I guess the best cure is to get away on a road trip back to the Okie zone and then see my darling Buffy... the inlaws wont let me take Colin and I dont want to miss out on any of his learning...He is gifted!

How do we define happiness,M?

thankyou, Ms. Barnstormer! colin just woke up so he's watching me and sitting on the comfy chair cuddling me while we stay warm in the very cold home... why do folks haVE THEIR AC SO COLD AT NIGHT?? ARENT WE CONTRIBUTING MORE TO THE ENERGY WASTE??...sorry, dont get me 340 in the morning here while its only 530 on the beach playing some ping bong over some beers with the Ocean st surf prognosticator!

Im really flattered that you thought of me when u sent me this video...and they made it for fun!! was it the picture with the little family on the beach or do you like a pretty face.. my boy has the prettiest face...its nice to have beautiful genes..I just wish we both had more jeans for happiness..mmmm ..Garvald goes to naughty thoughts of cannabis in forbidden places? and what can be created because of it??

a dream of a family on the beach and dreams become reality...but we need to sell the jeep so we got enough for round trip tickets and expenses! and aussie passports for the family...and Id be the happiest ole man on the beach!! colin is still awake but quiet while he reads what im writing on the testosterone has come down a little and all the urge has gone into being a loving it instinct?? I love him so much!

Image/lyrics video of the song Do you realize by The flaming lips, made it just for fun.
"DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything used to make this video. Copyright infringement not intended, and its for entertainment purposes only. All credit goes to the artists.
"One, two, three, four -
Do You Realize - that you have the most beautiful face
Do You Realize - we're floating in space -
Do You Realize - that happiness makes you cry
Do You Realize - that everyone you know someday will die

And instead of saying all of your goodbyes - let them know
You realize that life goes fast
It's hard to make the good things last
You realize the sun don'-go down
It's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round

Do You Realize - Oh - Oh - Oh
Do You Realize - that everyone you know someday will die

And instead of saying all of your goodbyes - let them know
You realize that life goes fast
It's hard to make the good things last
You realize the sun don'-go down
It's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round

Do You Realize - that you have the most beautiful face
Do You Realize"

do you realize that I feel exactly the same way! and I made this blog for fun but it would nice to make some money off this blog?? Maybe you could help me M Barnstormer or LA?? time is flying by ... maybe we can look at the Murch with the beautiful ladies and bambina on the beach??

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thankyou M Barnstormer. Are u part of the band that escaped the Okie Zone? or an old friend?
I love these songs you sent me!

"Lucy came to the timberline
Climbed up on to Rainier and
Looked out over Washington
Swore she could see the apple trees
And she said "ooo ooo oh I never wanna leave
Ooo ooo this place
Ooo ooo yes I always wanna be
Right here"

Peter came to the city and
Climbed up into Liberty and
Looked out over Manhattan
He swore he could see the beauty there
And he said " ooo ooo oh I never wanna leave
Ooo ooo this place
Ooo ooo yes I always wanna be
Right here"

Find a place
To call home
Any place
To call home

Right here

"And so I came in the dead of night
Climbed up into the satellite and
Looked out over America
I swear I could see the buffalo
Ooo ooo oh and I never wanna leave
Ooo ooo this place
Ooo ooo yes I always wanna be
Right here, right here"

Is this a coincidence that the band is Marcy's Playground?

u oh!! Colin is crying and somebody's knockin on the outhouse only place of temporary privacy with the inlaws! well, I guess that I could write a couple of sentences but Im always the most creative when I have herbal epiphanies, but then I forget it if I don't write it down immediately, while the wonderful idea is fresh in my mind!
eventually I will write a knight's tale of Mermadalot
was it this band or flaming lips that escaped the Okie Zone?

Friday, July 23, 2010

I suppose often the best time after getting down about the situation is after a good sleep and cuddle with your loved ones... just knowing that they still love you...

it's a quiet day in the dog days of summer (and speaking of dogs, it would b wonderful visit Buffy at her new home, and maybe even take her for a road trip to visit her Aussie brother(they are both blonde) I need to get help from LA about all the pics from the archives that don't show up!

I already miss getting up with the coffee in the early morning to catch the beautiful sun's rays and swim in the cool pacific (I suppose it will reach 100 here in Redneckville..

well, before we know it we'll be heading back there so I need to get off my ass and get shit done after taking my morning(avo) ritual of a big dump and doing a little writing

Maybe I'll show you another pic of the beautiful surf in my backyard!

I think it's the laziness and lack of drive to get things done but I have the reluctance to do the

stimulant pills for my ADD , wanting to know that I can do these things that are important without them!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Maybe this could be the start of curing the global financial crisis!

SAN FRANCISCO — The Oakland City Council is considering a plan to license four production facilities where medical marijuana would be grown, packaged and processed.

The move would make Oakland the first city in the nation to license wholesale pot cultivation.

City leaders are expected to vote Tuesday. If the measure passes, it would still need to be approved on a second, final vote.

Supporters of the measure say it could generate millions of dollars for Oakland in taxes and sales, create hundreds of jobs and position Oakland to reap dividends if voters pass a November initiative to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

Opponents say it would drive small growers out of business." boo hoo!
(Huffington Post)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

well, it's been a week since we left Oz but my body and mind are still attuned to Mermaid Beach time zone...
it's the same with Colin who has been falling asleep in the wee hours of the morning but at least it was midnight tonight... I find myself still awake when the birds start chirping and the Mom in law is rustling... she wonders what I'm still doing up...I don't like getting the 3rd degree... so I think back to looking out at the horizon being painted orange before the sun comes up over the sea... but this trip back to my relative in laws is for my wife.. She likes all the extra help with our beautiful son!
I was glad that my younger self left my half year older self a tiny little present hidden away in the old Infinity...but alas it's all gone now and there is nothing but the Tour de France and of course my precious son to aleviate the boredom...
it was nice yesterday to do some 50 yard sprints in the local pool ..I feel good about doing a 50 in 30 seconds...
that's only 6 seconds less than what I could do it in my, momentarily think that I can fight off old age before I get fat again in the redneck zone...
speaking of getting in really good shape, it would be fantastic to be a professional lifeguard and swim in the Aussie nationals and of course get my Aussie passport...but the fear of rejection inhibits me
at least it's good to hook up with ole friends, even if it's only on facebook...maybe we'll meet and I can take a little break from the pressures of family life.. (seriously, being Colin's dad is the easy part!)

Monday, July 19, 2010's potty time for father and son now...while I type a little bit... I think I'll try to get Colin potty trained so we can save about 1000$ in nappies per YeaR!!

he's gifted! (kinda like Forest Gump's son)he is totally aware of when he is going poopoo or peepee ...and the vocabulary to prove it...

I thought that I would show another heavenly picture of our backyard where we often have brekkie!

nice thing about being on the beach is we can just let him run naked and then wash him off in the sea but when it's a little warmer in OZ!... that's ofcourse a lot less pollution than the shit coming up from deep beneath the sea that will be totally destroying the Gulf for next couple of generations! I'm very sorry our son has to deal the greedy results of our civilization! i have a feeling that the world will only get more crowded and dirtier in our son's lifetime...even our beloved Mermaid Beach has graffitti!

Mommy is anxious for me to wash him off in the tub now that he's all poopy after eating a late brekkie or early brekkie in Oz time... I guess the sun is about to rise on the Gold Coast and so our day is starting here!

I need to figure out how to change the dates on this's obviously not january 2008...although it would be fun to go back in time to where we had no worries as parents...
but then I was still slugging away as a teacher dealing with a young overactive peace corp nut that was scheming away to get my little room and key... while scheming with the help of the principal, he took away room during the winter break.... don't get me started... that's all behind me but it just helps me learn not to trust people in their schemes for power and control...
I thought about this bloke in my past who wanted to look like Jesus and probably thought he was following Jesus ... kinda like the way Mel Gibson was wanting to emulate him until he punched his wife in the mouth...It's kind of ironic that he's gone downhill after making the movie about our savior!! (sorry if I sound a little blasphemic, but there have been only problems since much of the world wanted to follow him, and many of these folks will vote for Sarah Palin in 2012!)

we are finally getting over jet lag! but its way past midnight and colin is still wide awake looking at these family pics and videos..
Its only 3 in the afternoon in oz, so our gifted son is wide awake learning all the alphabet and riding his brand new trike all over the kitchen and living room
.of course colin has a cold from these darn ac units... but he's a trooper!
Of course I already miss the surf so here's one of the last gorgeous morning before my morning swim...hopefully I wont fat again so im having to exercise several hours a day!

Stu thinks I have the qualifications to rescue some blokes in distress like when a dad and his daughter were caught in the rip a couple of days ago.. I guess that was the day we left...they had to be taken to the hospital but fortunately , a passerby was able to help them before professional help came by!

"About 2 pm down near Seashell Tower (unmanned) a man and his grand daughter got into trouble in those strong rips that were running. Fortunately 2 male passerbys helped them in before Nick and another lifeguard arrived. They were both taken to hospital. "

so maybe when I come back I'll have a spare rescue tube for when I see folks in distress!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I suppose a chess game would be as good as any pic for a start to this new adventure in the United States of carbon sludge bosses and corporate barons...
I sense coming back to all the volatility and almost anarchical entropy that has befallen the nation...
after coming back from a much calmer world by the beach of the most golden sand...(where I try to forget and enjoy the brief time on this earth!)
we are attempting to reach some sort of stability as the nation heads for the precipice over the falls...

so I momentarily reflect down by the local river bed and have these herbal epiphanies after getting my heart rate up cycling to my favorite spot to escape the inlaws... the current of the river has slowed down since last winter

I'll show my legacy, Colin, that if he treats life as a game of chess he can reach the magical 8th rank of enlightenment and be any type of person he wants to be...
its all in your mind...esse est percipe= to be is to be percieved!

both Colin and are I are still in Oz time while Mommy has gone to bed,,,
and I've been chatting with my best blog fan and friend, LA, feeling vindicated for the lifestyle Ive chosen and the dream that I can see our little family living!
Im so happy she sees my daily viccisitudes of fatherhood when I write on this blog
and the even harder challenges of keeping my better half happy!!

I've had a lot of ideas to write about but there is so little time to put all these great ideas into a story,,,with this blog I feel like Im talking to all the friends that Ive met throughout my life and curious when I see a place like Santa Rosa, New Mexico appear on my feejit, I wonder if they were my collegues (teachers and partners in crime) on our high desert lifestyle with the native Americans...or could be another teacher who went to Alaska or another good friend who came back from Venezuela to reunite with our village of Utopachi!
I've thought about how to put some stories out there and whether the ideas would be worth pursuing in my writing now that I have more free time and the extra energy at night..(it's not even 6pm in Oz now...) ive thought about this monster from the deep that has finally been capped, but it's like a dragon just waiting for it to explode and kill again...
our greedy human desire to live this lifestyle has created this monster!
In this last century, weve devolved to creatures with an insatiable need for gasoline, speed, comfort and instant gratification...
the world as we know it cannot handle the way we are going...
there has to be a revolution of sorts to say we will quit our addiction to fossil fuels!
there does not have to be the need to dredge the last carbon sludge out of the ground to further fatten up one of these thoughtless greedy oil barons that have dominated the world for too long
and caused us to go to war to control this ugly brown sludge!

Friday, July 16, 2010

It's so cool that I can communicate with you all again...
we have made it back safely to the land of oil pollution!
and of course in order to get back here, we have to depend on these monster corporations who are destroying this earth!
isnt this a little hypocritical of me??
at least we had very little carbon impact until the plane trips
Thank you LA for all your help but I believe that I've lost all the videos that I've posted...I have to think of other videos to put on here!
I already miss the surf and all our mates from Ocean street and Mermaid Beach!
leave some comments and let me know which blogs you like the best!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am really bummed out that I can't reach you... Colin has finally nodded off here in the LAX airport...Maybe it's time for me to renew's back to reality here again and I wonder about leaving a message on my other blogspot wheres there's no charge...
I would probably write a little more if I knew that my message would immediately get out there to the blogosphere!
my wife wondered who I was writing to and she said to say Hi!
LA, Im back in the land of oil pollution and maybe I'll be able to see you and Buffy again and get some help with this blog!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

7 or 8 habits of a highly effective beach bum father...

I have often been thinking of Steven Covey's habits of highly effective people...something that at this point in my life is out of my reach or concious desire to be that disciplined in my life... is it scary??

and I look out the window and I see a shooting star over my backyard ocean

what could be a better sign???

I was debating about trying to do a cut and paste of Covey's 7 habits and then I thought how the motivator for many of his readers is money...I will continue more on this theme perhaps in another country ... when I have to get shit done in the world of reality and miss our little family parking space on the beach!

so here are some good habits for a dad living with his family on the beach:

1. go outside and walk to the beach maybe with a towel and bath robe to deal with hypothermia when you come out..

2. Maybe remember to bring coffee to gather the motivation to swim in 20 degree water...

3. bring my son down with a plastic bag and wash his butt in the sea or the warm water warmed up in the hose on our yard

4. go get the pot of porridge mixed with one part boiled Pacific water and feed my son while the sun warms us up..

5. then let my son play in the yard and on the beach...

6. patiently wait for Mommy to come down and have a late brekkie with the family

7. go for a swim before the sun sets and watch the colors of the beach and the ocean perhaps with a few beers at 420 with your mates...maybe over a game of chess

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Buffy is good! I'm sorry for not sending any pictures or videos as of late... busy times. But never too busy to play with Buffy! Oh, she's a character. When are you coming back? How long will you be in the states? I found out that I have some relatives that live about 8 miles away from you. Much to catch up on. I've been meaning to catch up on ur blog all week, and am just now getting around to it. I love the vicarious life! Anything I can do to help, let me know!

we'll be back soon! thank you so much for all of your help, LA! I am so happy about Buffy...Im sure she loves being with you guys so much!

I am so looking forward to seeing her .. like a daughter I havent seen in a long while..

I love writing knowing that I have some favorite readers.
perhaps empathizing with the vicissitudes of bringing up a family and my struggle to live where I have dreamed about for all my life...

I love spending more time with Colin each day...seeing him grow up and all the magic that he brings to us...He has charisma and we are charmed by him everyday amazed that this smart althletic beautiful baby is our child!

some folks might call us lucky and so might call us blessed...I know that this is our chance to live happily ever after in Oz!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

the waves are getting big today... it's beautiful seeing the swell that's come up this morning and Im torn between being mesmerized with the sea like a long lost mistress whom I cannot get enough of looking at her...
or playing some ping pong...
or just spending time with the love of my life, my beautiful family while we look for mermaids on our beautiful little yard ...(it's a bummer that we have to share it..oh's for everyone here to enjoy)

and enjoy the last few days before back to the mundanity of reality!

the water is feeling the coldest 20 degrees feels colder than 68 degrees fahrenheit...and I

Monday, July 05, 2010

Ive gotta take care of business...worries about the transition to the realities of the declining american empire...

prograsstinated way too long about scheduling our flights! Instead of taking care of business, back subconciously, I dont want to face the realities off all my failures and bad luck of my life...

and many here even that actually work must really envy(?)/despise our easy but often boring lifestyle...How would our day go??:

It's a hidden subconcious major effort to walk downstairs when I have to worry about all the poop that our little darling left us to clean up...usually he wakes up before us or when I wake up , he wakes up to hear me making coffee and cleaning up the ever dirty, cluttered kitchen...trying to put on my togs before he wakes so I can sneak out and feel the calm cool waves on the sunny morning...(each morning is different than the rest... a daily beautiful vista each beckoning our little family) but the reality that I will have to face worries...the question is how can I do it with the least amount of our pursuit of our living utopia(?)

Still Friday here. I can sense that winter is coming upon you. You become morose.
How so? Do I sound a little more depressing when it gets colder...??

We are celebrating our Independence this weekend. Weatherwise, it's the most gorgeous week we've had but it can never compare to where you are, even on your worst day. But you know that.
are you celebrating Independence? Missouri? or Alaska?
How is Buffy?

Friday, July 02, 2010

"Darn man you got it... It seems to me that you're getting the door of happiness. If see it from my Venezuelan perspective, in my culture we say: As you start thinking of being a good husband and being a good dad then is when you realize that your life is about to reach the coasts of that hidden island called "Happiness".

What kind of hue comes close the gold of our Mermaid Beach! I was visiting with my friend, Eleazar , briefly in time...along it's ever accelerating river of time....catch the wave as long as you can, Grasshopper!!...

Now I know you're a good guy and you're smart, just don't (loose) the way.. I've learned that marriage is just a combination of pure patience and love.. one can't success without the other ... patience to stand and defuse situations that could lead you to confrontations (with you wife...mainly) and love to keep going and going again one day at the time. But not all is rain and wind in a relation there are also moments of joy and the smart guy live and treasure those moments because that's at the end the only think you take "when you leave". Happiness is like diamonds to trade in the HAPPY...ENJOY YOUR WIFE AND ABSOLUTELY ENJOY YOUR're right kids are a bless.. by my friend I miss the conversations in the office

Thanks alot, mate! I was sorry that I missed your call the other week! I wonder if you are still in Utopachi?? I miss those folks and I often think of the dream the Navaho/Hopi lady had of me and my child .... with Colin coming from behind the tree! She was a teacher assistant in some of my special ed classes and told me she had this dream with no idea that my wife was pregnant and married!
was this vision of us coming back to the Rez??
I saw pelicans and dolpins today ...
so another day in paradise with the same ole human race...
only when we drive do we realize our own mortality with agro drivers that were beeping my wife at every roundabout...
and the impatient rat runners on Hedges...
and of course it's no utopia...
but at least folks say they are sorry if they bump into you!

I was wanting to add this video of the pelicans and it wouldn't upload
but of course it was using up all of the megabytes ....
and here you pay by the megabyte...which allows you very little uploading or downloading of videos...but I took some fantastics pics of these magnificent large birds!!
eventually we have to head back from this cooled off paradise...Im not the social butterfly of yesteryear to hobnob from one party at the Parthenon to the other

and realize now that Im at least a generation older than these young renters of the complex ... familiarity I guess builds contempt...or the anger that a yank own a place on the beach...but I have found that we can get Oz passports and it might only take a few months! Im a little herbalized right which sometimes mixes in bittersweet memories with depressing thoughts...but then have the eternal optimism that we will live happilly ever after!!